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Monday, December 12, 2011

Private & Government Jobs Lost and Gained Month by Month in 2011

How many jobs, total, private, and government have been gained (created) or lost month by month in 2011 to date (November 2011)?

(Numbers of jobs in thousands, jobs lost/gained as stated.)

Month   Total Jobs  Jobs lost/gained   Private Jobs  Prvt Jobs lost/gained    Gov't Jobs  Govt Jobs lost/gained  
Jan. 130,328+68,000108,102+94,00022,226-26,000
Feb.130,563+235,000108,363 +261,00022,200-26,000
March130,757+194,000108,582 +219,00022,175-25,000
April130,974+217,000108,823 +241,00022,151-24,000
May130,999+25,000108,896 +73,00022,103-48,000
June131,047+48,000108,997 +101,00022,050-53,000
July131,174+127,000109,170 +173,00022,004-46,000
August131,278+104,000109,242 +72,00022,036+32,000
Sept.131,488*+210,000*109,462* +220,000*22,026*-10,000*
Oct.131,588*+100,000*109,579* +117,000*22,009*-17,000*
Nov.131,708*+120,000109,719 +140,00021,989-20,000

The numbers above represent the latest revisions, which often differ from the preliminary numbers announced by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) on the first Friday of a given month.  (* - Revisions since the last month's numbers). 

A total of 1,448,000 jobs have been ADDED/CREATED in 2011 to date, November 2011.  That is an average of 131,700 new jobs per month this year.  

1,711,000 jobs have been ADDED in the private sector in 2011 to date; that is an average of 156,000 new private-sector jobs per month this year.

263,000 jobs have been LOST in the government sector in 2011 to date; that is an average of 24,000 government sector jobs lost per month this year. 

Latest (December) jobs reports HERE!!

Private & Government Jobs Lost& Gained Month by Month in 2011... end of year

(Note:  All of my employment number reports are based on monthly reports and data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  States numbers reports are based on the monthly Regional and State Employment/Unemployment Survey .  The BLS reports include month over month and year over year numbers of state job numbers.  My analysis is taken from the monthly BLS data copied to an Excel spreadsheet every month.  I calculate detailed percentage increases/decreases, 3 month numbers, 2011 to date numbers, and I rank the states according to various metrics.)

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