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Monday, July 18, 2016

Full-Time Job Growth? Who has the better record? Democrats or Republicans? (Updated for August 2016)

Who do YOU trust to grow the number of jobs in this country?

CNN floated a poll in July which showed that Trump had an 8% advantage over Clinton when it came to the economy...  That 8% of the people out there actually thought that Trump would be better for the economy!!  What kind of idiocy is that? (And let's hope that number has changed over the last couple of months.)  We were losing 800,000 jobs a month (net) when Obama took over!   

Now we have the highest number of job openings EVER and the lowest number of people filing for initial unemployment benefits in 40 (FORTY) years!

But people trust Trump and the Republicans on the economy? Here's a quick simple graph:  If you care about full-time job growth, you can easily see which party has the best record (as a percent) of growth in full-time workers over the last 48 years.  Look at this chart and then answer that question at the top again:  Who do you trust to grow the number of full-time jobs in this country?

(Click for closer detail.)

Updated for August 2016:  10.7% means that we have 10.7% MORE full-time workers out there than we did in January 2013, when Obama's second term began.  Data is from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) site, table LNS12500000 (Full-time workers).

Share widely, especially with your Republican-leaning friends. The propaganda is absurd.  And don't allow any Republicans and Trump fans you come across to talk about "economic stagnation" and "no recovery".  That's just plain stupid.

And if the recovery is not as robust as many would hope, blame constant obstruction from a Republican Congress.  We can only imagine how many more jobs we'd have now if the Republicans actually cared about this country and about the people in it vs. just trying to get control back from the Democrats.  (You may have to click on the graph to get a good look at it.)

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