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Saturday, July 23, 2016

How Many Jobs Have Been Created in 2016 to date? (Updated for August 2016)

Total Jobs Created/Lost In 2016 as of August 2016:

  • 1,452,000 payroll jobs have been ADDED in 2016 in seasonally adjusted numbers.
  • That's an additional 182,000 jobs per month in 2016.
  • 1,279,000 private payroll sector jobs have been ADDED in seasonally adjusted numbers.
  • That's an additional 160,000 private jobs per month in 2016.
  • 173,000 government sector (federal, state, and local) jobs have been ADDED in seasonally adjusted numbers so far in 2016. 
  • That's an addition of 22,000 government jobs per month in 2016.
  • 1,685,000 MORE people are employed.  ("Employed" numbers include people who are self-employed and people working in agriculture, people whose jobs are not included in the "jobs" count.  The number of people employed is reported by workers; the "jobs" numbers are reported by employers. )
  • That's an additional 211,000 people employed each month so far in 2016.
  • 1,698,000 MORE people are working full-time so far in 2016.
  • 152,000 FEWER people are working part-time so far in 2016.
  • These are NET numbers, meaning they are the numbers of jobs ADDED after all jobs LOST are subtracted.  
  • Breakdown of the 93,000,000-94,000,000 "record number" of people "not working" HERE.  

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