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Saturday, September 24, 2016

No, Trump, Black People Are Not Worse Off Than Ever, Ever, Ever!

At least not when it comes to unemployment:

Donald Trump, the republican candidate for President, claims that the situation of African-Americans in this country is the "worst ever"-- even worse than when most African-Americans were enslaved?  But let's just stick to unemployment.
African-American woman waiting at a job fair in 2014.

African Americans are always hit harder by economic downturns; it always takes longer for the unemployment rate of black people to come back down, and the "normal" unemployment rate of African-Americans has always been much higher than that of whites. But.. the unemployment rate among black people is NOT now the "worst ever", no matter what that Trump says.
During the Republican Reagan Recession of 1983, black unemployment hit 21.2%THAT was the "worst ever" during the years for which we have data on unemployment by race.

African-American unemployment hit a low of 7.3% during the late Clinton years. It climbed a bit during the 2001 recession, but then dropped to 7.6% in late 2007, just as the bursting of the housing bubble was starting to impact the whole country. It peaked at 16.8% during early 2010, just as we started to get a turnaround in the recent Republican Great Recession. It is now 8.1% and has been declining for 6 straight years.  

Unemployment rate of all black people 16+ over time

The unemployment rate for African-Americans in this country is still not peachy and still doesn't equal that of white Americans, but, at least in unemployment, black people are not worse off than "ever, ever, ever".  

Stop Lying, Trump!

Don't let Trump and his minions just blow smoke.. They lie, and they lie, and they lie some more.  Trump has absolutely
NO plan to improve the unemployment rate of black people, and NO plan to improve the unemployment rate of white people for that matter, other than more of the same "tax cuts for the rich/trickle down" that he is promising to everyone. And that stuff just plain doesn't work!

At least in unemployment, black people are not worse off than "ever, ever, ever!"  Stop lying, Trump!

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