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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Right-Wing is Demonizing.. Well... Everybody!

(Continued from The Right-Wing Thinks You Are No Good!)

Other groups of lucky people that the Right-Wing Doesn't Like:

5.  College teachers everywhere, both public and private.  They are usually liberal, many of them are public employees, and they are teachers... all teachers are useless and overpaid for what they do, according to many conservatives.  Unless they are on the faculty of some institution like Liberty University.

Most conservatives and right-wingers seem to feel that any trained monkey can teach!  If a trained monkey really can't be found, then they would suggest outsourcing the teacher and replacing him/her with someone teaching via the Internet from India.  

Anybody know how many college teachers, public and private, university and community college, there are out there?

Well, college teachers and administrators, it's close to a sure bet that the right-wingers think you are behind all of these years of liberalization in this here country.

6.  Any government employee, local, state, or federal, but especially the federal.  God knows, say the conservatives and right-wingers, we don't need any regulators, bureaucratic fat cats, tax collectors, or anybody else who is feeding at the public trough.  They are all lazy, and they are all paid much more than their peers in private industry  (except that there is very little evidence that is so when people with the equivalent skills, education, and experience are considered.)  

And God knows we don't need any more regulations that keep our air clean, our products safe, and our workers safe!  Those government regulators get in the way of the "free market".  These government workers are stealing money out of my pocketbook!  

(When you tell a right-winger what kind of services they get each and every day from the government, they generally reply that "they pay taxes".  O.K., fine and good... but that wasn't really the point, was it?  And how do you know that you really have paid enough in taxes for all of the services that you get on a daily basis?)

The right-wing thinks most of you are useless and you are stealing their money, government workers, all 22,000,000 of you.

7.  All union people, but especially public union people.  Though the unions helped to build the Great Middle Class in this country, particularly after WWII, the unions have come under increasing attack over the past thirty years.  (See "How I Learned To Love the Unions"). 

The right, instead of blaming greedy corporations, blames the unions for manufacturing jobs moving overseas.  (See "Those Mean Old Unions!")  They have also popularized the stereotype of the "union boss", the cigar-smoking, corrupt, Mafioso, who is living large on the dues of union employees.  Well, people, most union leaders earn a fraction of the pay of CEO's.  Their pay is more in line with the pay of government officials than of private corporate executives.

Anyway, the Republicans and other shades of conservatives have never liked the unions much, and there are now about 15,000,000 union workers in this country, both public and private.  

8.  The homeless and the poor.  The homeless and the poor don't deserve to live, say some Republicans and teabaggers.  We are enabling them if we help them in any way or provide food, clothing, shelter, social services.  I just posted "An assault on the Homeless: No Soup for You!" about the situation in the UK, but we  know that the conservatives here are just as cruel.

9.  People without health insurance, and add to that anybody who supports or is hopeful of Obamacare or any kind of public health system.  (I'll add to this later.)

10.  People who have retired or are close to retirement age who don't have enough saved for retirement.  This is also the fault of "those people" who were wildly spending when they were working and/or were just not disciplined enough.  (I'll add to this one as well.)

11.  People who have lost their homes, who have fallen in behidn or are in danger of default or foreclosure:  They should have bought homes they could afford,; they are some kind of derelict because they "won't" pay their bills; never can't but won't.  (A bit more to add here as well.)

12.  People who don't earn enough money to pay income taxes.  (This is a biggie.. more later.)

(To be Completed...)

The right has made the term "personal responsibility" a euphemism for "I've got mine; screw you.".  They insist that people who are struggling (or are in any of the above categories) are lazy, didn't plan enough, got into debt, didn't work hard enough, didn't save enough, or made "poor life choices."  Yes, anybody who made a mistake or a bad decision decades ago should pay for it the rest of his or her life.  

However, the Republicans, conservatives, teabaggers, and right-wingers are an increasing minority in this country, and the people they vilify are an increasing majority, no matter how many blog entries the right wingers write or how disparaging they are of their fellow citizens and neighbors who are struggling.

In any event, it is very hard to put numbers on these various groups of people, because they overlap.  But just look through that list of vilified human beings and citizens, and look at the numbers.  They certainly add up!

What is clear is that the Republicans, conservatives, teabaggers, and right-wingers really don't like too many of us.  There are very few of us who haven't been insulted and demonized by these people.

Look through that list up there.  If you don't fit any of the demonized sub-groups, you yourself may be a right-winger... or just a compassionate, caring individual who really cares about the future of our country.

Just remember:  To most of you out there, the conservatives, right-wingers, and baggers just plain don't like you.  They think our great country would be better off without the lot of you.

And the numbers are rising: 

Liberals, union members, government workers, public school teachers, the unemployed­, those without health insurance, the poor, the struggling­, students, would-be students, and those who don't make enough money to pay federal taxes, those who are approachin­g retirement (or have retired) who need social security and medicare.  

Then add to these all who are caring and compassion­ate, people who are outraged about the increasing income disparity in this country.. .and all of those who care about the future of our country and do not want it to become a Third World America. 

Count up the millions. They are coming together in quite a big sweep.


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