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Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Is It? Questions for the Right Wing

"Why is it that the same people who despise organized labor are the ones who can't spell and exhibit poor syntax in their posts?

Why are they the ones who rationaliz­ed torture when that was the topic du jour?

Why are they the ones who see no purpose to a government agency that would protect consumers - or the environmen­t?

Why are they the ones whose homes and investment­s lost significan­t value - but oppose regulation of the financial sector?

Why are they the ones who obsess about the deficit now - but it never crossed their minds before Obama was sworn in?

Why are they the ones who go ballistic when a poor person gets food or services from the government - but could care less when some big political "contribut­or" gets a no-bid contract?

Why is it they have no concern about record income disparity - but think teachers are paid too much?
Why is that?"

Thanks to 3dtrix at Huffington Post

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