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Monday, August 1, 2011

Republican debt ceiling hypocrites and personal debt ceilings

"The country should not be in debt!  Don't raise the debt ceiling!  The Democrats spend wildly!  We need a balanced budget amendment!"

Such are the comments from the Republican extremists and deficit hawks about the ongoing debt ceiling crisis in Washington.  

But a little digging by the Chicago Sun-Times and CNN reveals that the personal finances of some of these deficit and debt hawks don't mesh with their extremist anti-debt philosophies.  
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Joe Walsh of Illinois, one of the new Teabagger darlings, apparently owes his ex-wife over a hundred grand in child support.  I've read that he hasn't paid any child support since 2008, though I have also read that he has started paying something since he began work as a Congressman in January.  He's got three kids, but only one is under age 18 now.  So someone has had to support these kids during the years that Joe has experienced "employment problems".

It would be nice if the voters held him accountable and tossed out his sorry hypocritical rear in 2012, thus giving him another "employment problem".    

And several other vociferous debt dragons in Congress have also amassed significant credit card debt, in excess of $15,000. Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas are among those mentioned by CNN.   I don't get it:  These guys make $174,000 a year?  How do you wind up with credit card debt when you make so much money?  I understand people without money with credit card debt, people unemployed putting things on credit cards while they try to find work, people who have had their wages or hours cut and are trying to make ends meet .

But Congressmen making $174,000 who then lecture the rest of us on "personal responsibility" and then accuse the Democrats of "wild spending"?  (Let's not forget that many of them are suddenly getting fiscal religion after supporting the wild spending of the Bush years.)

I would hope the voters throw these fiscally irresponsible and hypocritical debt dragons out on their collective rears next year as well.  

Voters:  If you are going to support debt dragon policies, at least support someone who doesn't run up personal credit cards while making an exceptional buck nor someone who somehow manages not to provide for his own kids.  


  1. It's hard to take your comments seriously when you froth away calling people who want to quit spending money we don't have , "Republican extremists".

    If it wasn't for "Extreme Leftists" (to follow your example of hyperbole ) perhaps we wouldn't be in this miserable mess.

  2. Hi Middle.. .This particular blog entry is about Republican hypocritical lawmakers who can't handle their own personal finances (on a salary of $174,000 a year) while they complain about the big, bad gub'ment. And since I wrote this, there's been some press about both Bachmann and Perry and their pursuit of fed money while they decry big govt.

    In terms of the overall debt:
    Debt increase by president: Reagan 186%, Bush 54% Clinton 41% Bush II 72% Obama 23%. Source CBO

    And yet you have the nerve to blame the "left"?


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