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Monday, November 18, 2013

Changes in State Unemployment Benefits October & November 2013

Changes in state unemployment rates announced in October and November have resulted in changes in availability of unemployment insurance benefits in Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and, Missouri, and the Virgin Islands.  Changes in Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Missouri took effect October 6th, 2013.  Changes in the Virgin Islands will take effect November 10th, 2103. 
Important Note:  ALL extended unemployment benefits are scheduled to expire the week ending December 28, 2013.  Unless Congress acts to extend this program, which is unlikely due to Republican control of the House of Representatives, there will be NO federal extended unemployment benefits available after December 28, 2013. There are still about 1.3 million people depending on extended unemployment benefits. 

There have been changes to available weeks of benefits in California, Rhode Island, Washington, Alaska, North Carolina, Delaware, Illinois, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, and Wisconsin in recent months.  Please check THIS LINK (How Many Weeks of Unemployment Will I Get?) for details.


As unemployment insurance benefits are tied into the unemployment rate for your particular state, changes to your state's unemployment rate may increase or decrease the number of weeks of benefits to which you are entitled.

Weeks of unemployment insurance availability are changing for Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, and the Virgin Islands. 

The Department of Labor announced changes HERE  on November 14th, as listed below:
  • People in Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts Can Move To Tier 3:
The maximum number of weeks of unemployment insurance available in Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts will increase from 54 weeks to 63 weeks after October 6th, 2013.   
  • People in Missouri CAN Move to Tier 3:

    The maximum number of weeks of unemployment insurance available in Missouri will increase from 41 weeks to 48 weeks after October 6th, 2013.   

  • People in the Virgin Islands CAN Move to Tier 4: 
The Virgin Islands triggers "on" to Tier 4 of EUC08 effective 11/10/2013. 
Based on data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on October 22, 2013, the estimated three month average, seasonally adjusted total unemployment rate in the Virgin Islands was 9.8%, exceeding the 9.0% trigger rate threshold to trigger "on" in Tier 4 of EUC08. The week beginning November 10, 2013, will be the first week in which EUC08 claimants in the Virgin Islands who have exhausted Tier 3 and are otherwise eligible, can establish Tier 4 eligibility.
The maximum number of weeks of unemployment insurance available in the Virgin Islands will increase from 63 weeks to 73 weeks after November 10, 2013.

Other changes in the last three months:

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