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Friday, October 3, 2014

How Many Jobs Were Created (or Lost) in September 2014?

NOVEMBER Jobs Numbers & Unemp. Rate will be released Friday, December 5.  OCTOBER overview HERE.

How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in October 2014?

In September 2014:
  • 248,000 TOTAL payroll jobs were ADDED in seasonally adjusted numbers.
  • 236,000 PRIVATE payroll sector jobs were ADDED in seasonally adjusted numbers.
  • 12,000 GOVERNMENT (federal, state, and local) jobs were added in September. 
  • 232,000 MORE people employed.
  • 671,000 MORE people employed full-time.  (Biggest increase in full-time workers outside of Census hiring since early 2005.) 
  • 384,000 FEWER people employed part-time.
  • 174,000 FEWER people employed part-time involuntarily.  (In other words, people who want full-time work but can't find it.)
  • 97,000 FEWER people in the civilian labor force (people either working or looking for work).
  • 329,000 FEWER people unemployed.
  • Unemployment rate drops significantly to 5.9% (from 6.1%) primarily due to the many fewer unemployed people and many MORE employed people in September.

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