SEP# rlsed Fri, Oct 6: -33,000 jobs.

Unemployment down to 4.2%... SEP details HERE
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Friday, October 3, 2014

September 2014 Unemployment Rate, Jobs

October Jobs Numbers have been released:
+218,000 jobs, Unemployment rate down to 5.8%

September 2014 jobs and unemployment summary:
  • +248,000 new payroll jobs; +236,000 new private sector jobs
  • Unemployment rate drops to 5.9%
  • Number of people working full-time increases by about 600,000 while number of people working part-time decreases by about 400,000.
  • Since the "trough" of the recession in late 2009/early 2010 in seasonally adjusted numbers:
    • 9.8 million MORE jobs in total
    • 10.3 million MORE private sector jobs
    • 8.6 million MORE people working
    • 8.7 million MORE people working full-time.
    • 120,000 FEWER people working part-time.  
    • (Yes, despite what you may have heard, from the depth of the recession until now, we have many more additional people working full-time vs. part-time jobs. When a recession hits, companies generally cut back on full-time workers first.  When companies start hiring again, the number of full-time workers increases.)
    Since Bush left office & Obama took office (January 2009) in seasonally adjusted numbers:
    • 5.5 million MORE jobs in total
    • 6.1 million MORE private sector jobs
    • 4.4 million MORE people working
    • 3.5 million MORE people working full-time
    • 982,000 million MORE people working part-time

September 2014 reports: 

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