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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

September Jobs Numbers Are Finally Out!

September Jobs numbers are finally out!

October jobs numbers will be out Friday, November 8th.

September jobs numbers are finally out!
A poor month for jobs: 148,000 new jobs total, only 126,000 private sector jobs, 22,000 more government jobs, 133,000 more people employed overall. Unemployment rate drops to 7.2% with 61,000 fewer people people unemployed. These numbers don't include people directly affected by the government shutdown, though I would assume they are influenced by the looming problems in September.
Number of full-time workers increased by 691,000; number of part-time workers decreased by 594,000. 1,640,000 MORE full-time workers over the past year; 287,000 FEWER part-time workers over the past year.
As I'm still recovering from dental surgery, I'm not going to post more details until this afternoon.