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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Record Number of Job Openings Under Obama!

United States employers reported the highest number of job openings EVER in 2016 since the US started keeping track of these numbers in 2000.  

An average of 5.6 million job openings were reported each month during 2016.

The JOLTS Report

Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the number of job openings, new hires, and separations for various reasons, such as people being laid off or people quitting. This report is called the Job Openings, Layoffs, and Turnover Survey (JOLTS) and it is released about two months after the regular monthly jobs report; in other words, the JOLTS report for January is not released until early March.  It is a fairly new report, and has only been released since 2000.


In 2016, United States employers reported the highest number of job openings ever.  An average of 5.6 million job openings was reported each month in 2016.  The top month was July 2016 in which 5.973 million job openings were reported by U. S. employers.

By comparison, in 2009, during the depth of the Recession, only 2.4 million job openings were reported on average each month.  The lowest historical month for job openings was July 2009 in which only 2.2 million job openings were reported.

Trump-- The Jobs President?

Now we will see what Trump will do to the number of job openings.  Remember that announcements of a few hundred jobs saved or created here or there is really nothing in an economy that has been recording over 5 million job openings a month.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

How Many Jobs Has Trump Created or Lost? (February 2017 update)

How many NET jobs created or lost under Trump as of February 2017, during the Trump Presidency to date? How many private sector jobs have been lost or added during Trump's presidency?
May 2017 numbers were released 
Friday morning, June 2nd.  
All MAY reports and info will be listed  HERE.

February is the FIRST month of jobs attributed to Trump's Presidency.  Job numbers for any month are reported and counted as of the week of 12th.  Obama was still the President during the week of January 12th, which is why numbers for January 2017 fall in the Obama bucket.  Now, starting with February 2017, we get to see what effect Trump's policies will or won't have on jobs.

(Some people believe that additions or subtractions in jobs should be in the prior President's "bucket" for at least several months after a new President is inaugurated.  The reasoning for this is twofold:

  • 1.  It takes several months for an incoming President's economic policies to take effect.
  • 2.  The US Fiscal Year doesn't start until October 1st, meaning that all of the budgeting and almost all economic programs up to October 1st were developed and signed into law during the prior administration.  However, the economy is affected by apprehension, both good and bad, and an incoming administration often has leverage in how moneys appropriated by the outgoing administration are used.  Therefore, it is easiest to simply use the first full month that  a President is in office as a starting point for counting jobs.)
Let's remember that jobs tend to trend, and one or two months do not make a trend.  (Some people believe that we shouldn't count an incoming President's jobs numbers until the beginning of his first fiscal year in office, meaning starting in October, as the federal fiscal year goes from October 1st to September 30th.)  But starting with February will certainly give us a good enough trend as we move through the spring and summer.

    As we move into the Trump years, let's remember that President Obama
 handed to President Trump the strongest economy in terms of jobs since the Clinton years.  We have: * 

  • 1.  Record numbers of job openings.
  • 2.  A record in consecutive months of increase in the number of private sector jobs (83 months).
  • 3. Record in consecutive months of overall job growth.  (76 months).  
  • 4. Lowest number of first-time claims for unemployment benefits since 1971.  
  • 5.    A reduction in income inequality starting in 2014.
  • 6.  An increase in inflation-adjusted weekly and hourly wages for "regular" workers.  
  • 7.  A record-increase in inflation-adjusted household income starting in 2015.  
  • 8.  An 3% INCREASE in manufacturing jobs in Obama's second term after a 27% DECREASE in manufacturing jobs under Bush II.  This was the largest one term increase in manufacturing jobs since Carter.
  • 9.  A 19% increase in construction jobs in Obama's second term.  This was the largest one term increase in construction jobs since the Clinton years.

    Don't mess this up, President  Trump!  WE ARE WATCHING YOU!   

    *For those who don't believe these claims, I will post links and sources for all of these in the next few days.  


February 2017 numbers were released Friday morning, March 10th.  All FEBRUARY reports and info will be listed  HERE.


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