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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obama CAUSED the Recession?

Obama caused the Recession?  The economy tanked BECAUSE Obama was elected?

I'm stunned to read comments and articles that suggest this.  I had not received such a comment here... until today. 

So here is the comment I found this afternoon on my May article summarizing private & government jobs numbers:

Anonymous wrote...
Obama is certainly to blame. The economy started to tank BECAUSE he was elected in November. His anti-corporate agenda was well know, and business owners everywhere began to scale back in preparation of what was to come.
Thankfully, Obama was talked out of rolling back the Bush tax cuts, so the gaping wound was partly bandaged. Companies stop the huge layoffs, and that's why we've seen the whopping .05% "growth" that we've seen.
However, real growth won't take place until Obama is removed from office. I'd wager my house on the fact that if Romney wins the election in November, unemployment will go down, and interest rates will finally start to move back up. The US economy is based more on consumer and corporate confidence than anything that a president could do. And there is no confidence when there's a Democrat in office.
Job Gains and Losses from January 2008 until now:

I added the above chart so that we can all see what Obama walked into.. just in case anyone else out there seems to have forgotten.  The "peak" of jobs was in January 2008, a full year before Obama took office.  We lost 4.4 million jobs before Obama stepped one foot into the Oval Office.  No President since Roosevelt has inherited an economy in such a calamitous condition.

Now, since the guy commenting probably lives in his parents' basement, I wouldn't take his "wagering the house" comment too seriously.  Or perhaps he is one of Romney's sons.. upping the $10,000 bet that Romney wanted to make with Rick Perry at one of those despicable Republican debates.... Even Rick Perry wasn't clueless enough to accept.    

My reply was a bit stronger than usual because this is such an absurdity:
Are you a complete and total blithering idiot? I don't like to call names, but some people are just so, so clueless..... it almost makes me scream!
Did you just crawl out of the cabbage patch in January 2009? No other excuse for your absurd and completely wrong allegations.. definitely among the worst and most clueless comments I have had on my blog to date....
The housing bubble BURST in summer 2006... even before the Democrats took over Congress!
We reached the PEAK of jobs in January 2008!!! That was months and months before Obama was elected!
The recession officially started in December 2007!! Look it up! Even Wikipedia has that one right. NOBODY either Republican or Democrat was a front-runner back in December 2007!!
Things really fell to pieces when Lehman Brothers went bust and the banks were all on the verge of insolvency in September 2008. Obama was the nominee by that time, but he did NOT have the solid lead in the Presidential race until AFTER the economy fell apart in mid September. 
Here.. check the 2008 presidential polls towards the bottom of this page:
2008 Presidential Election Polls and results 
Obama was not "talked out of rolling back the Bush tax cuts"(which have seriously harmed our economy). The Republicans held the unemployed hostage and would not agree to the sorely-needed unemployment insurance extensions until the deal about the Bush tax cuts was made. 
As you can see from ANY chart of employment/unemployment/jobs numbers, the extensive layoffs slowed almost as soon as Obama took office.. and we started to GAIN jobs and workers in early 2010, well before the deal with the Bush tax cuts, which occurred in December 2010. 
You know absolutely nothing about anything you have written so far.. aren't you embarrassed to be so completely wrong about EVERYTHING?
Not sure what .05% growth you are talking about.. Private sector growth since Obama took office? (Which is now at .1% growth since Obama took office.... You are looking at an outdated article.)
Did you complain as much about Bush when he was in the third year of his presidency? At the same point is point in his presidency, we were still DOWN 1.6% in the number of private jobs since he took office. Or are you now going to deny that you supported Bush?
You can look at this article comparing job growth Bush vs. Obama 
So if the Republicans bring confidence to all of the people who will get screwed by a Republican economy, why wasn't job growth much better during the Bush years than it has been during the Obama years? The economy and the jobs numbers were propped up by the over-heated housing market (and the poorly regulated financial market) during the mid 2000's. It was a "bubble"... and the whole thing came tumbling down. I know; I know; you are going to resort to stupid right-wing talking points that somehow Barney Frank was responsible for the housing bubble. 
And if Republicans are so wonderful for the economy and so bad for consumer confidence, why are so many more jobs generally created when the Democratic presidents are in office? 
Check out this link.. though I have seen others:  

Recent job growth by President 
Anonymous, everything you have written has been simply wrong. You need new sources of information (or you are intentionally lying?). Someone is either lying to you, or you want to be lied to. Stop being gullible and stop thinking the Republicans have ANYTHING to offer you. 
The waning years of the Bush administration should have shown you all you need to know, but instead of wising up, you somehow listened to the right-wingers and found a way to blame it all on the Democrats.
I'm not sure what to say to people like this man (woman?).  He/she obviously has his/her mind made up.  He/she probably believes that rampant income and wealth inequality is a good thing for the U.S.  And that there is nothing racist about the right-wing's hatred for Obama.

When people start blabbering about Obama "causing the recession", just show them the above chart, not that it will make any difference to people who are very close-minded.  Remember:  We started losing jobs in January 2008.  


  1. And here's more truth about who really wrecked the economy...

  2. To the person who has anonymously leaving many comments:

    Hush, baby, I'm answering your questions in another post.. but I've deleted your comments to get rid of your insults.

    I have no problem with intelligent discussion, as long as it isn't full of insults and/or repetitive b.s. that I've been over many times.

  3. I won't try to persuade people one way on your anti-republican site. I actually LINK to you to show that EVEN LIBERALS and non-GOP people show that the economy SUCKS and that obama has LOST more jobs than created during his term. You even say it yourself. It' interesting, I must say, to see how you try to 'present' the bleak jobs picture and economic dump we are in as something that obama shouldn't be blamed for.. to each their own. have a nice day. I appreciate how you update this monthly so I can link to it for my obama bashings.

  4. What did you think of Bush and job creation during his first years in office?

  5. And what kind of job growth do you think we would have had by now if McCain and the despicable P woman had been elected?

  6. That question is not irrelevant. What kind of economic recovery, considering the incredibly deep hole that we were in when Obama took over, would have been acceptable to you?

    And why do you think that McCain and the P woman would have done any better? How much better do you think they would have done?

    Answer those questions and I will post your comment.

  7. I see you don't want to respond to ACTUAL REALITY with the CURRENT PRESIDENT OF FOUR YEARS and instead want to tread into hypothetical situations of your choosing. Well I don't let liberals frame the discussion for me and try to lead me down some path that serves no purpose. Especially liberals who censor other people's posts. Silly molly, how can we POSSIBLY KNOW what kind of ANYTHING would be going on now if presidential candidates who DIDNT GET ELECTED actually HAD BEEN ELECTED? What we DO KNOW is what happened with the CURRENT PRESIDENT. With that said, again I applaud you for keeping this site going, as I get alot of material that you nicely compiled (albeit with liberal dressings) about OBAMA to use against liberals from here. In fact, since this site is definitely not GOP friendly, it makes it that much more of a good source. But in the future, since you want to play these presidential comparison games, perhaps you should ask people to compare OBAMA to REAGAN since the econmic situation of those two presidents at the time they came into office would be much more similar rather than BUSH. Also, the choice of policy and actions by Reagan vs. Obama (and the economic results of their actions) couldn't be more black and white from each other. Either way, the obama 'recovery' has been anything but a recovery, no matter HOW many times you try to censor it or rewrite it.

    by the way, I think your habit of removing postings from your site that you feel 'dont support your liberal view' of things or perhaps exposes the habit you seem to have of trying to deflect the focus OFF of obama and HIS presidency and ONTO some 'other' bogeyman (like bush) is tantamount to censorship. I didn't write ANYTHING that was personally attacking you or was vulgar. That's too bad, since clear thinking people can make up their OWN minds and see with their own EYES what they believe when reading opposing positions. I guess the 1st amendment doesn't apply to left wing sites like this one. To each their own, I guess. If you don't want postings by conservatives like me then just say so by the comments button. It will save us alot of time we could be spending somewhere else where the site moderators won't erase perfectly logical and non-vulgar debate postings.

    I leave you with some interesting information from multiple sources (not just evil right wingers!) to ponder over while you are thinking about this recession that Obama was president during...

    good day to you 'molly'-

  8. I told you that I would repost and answer your questions after you answered MY questions. Which you haven't done.

    For your information, Reagan inherited a DECLINING unemployment rate, a INCREASING number of jobs, an INCREASING GDP, and a DECREASING inflation rate. The 1981-2 recession was a recession of Reagan's making after the 1981 tax cuts. When some of those tax cuts were rolled back a year later, on the advice of Reagan's own budget director with the a cooperative Democratic Congress, the economy did take off.

    Obama and Reagan: Things were not the same

  9. i wrote a ton, but your blog only allows people to write fairly little.. so in the essence of time I will post some links..

    It's amusing listening to liberals try to paint America as 'great' and 'on the way to prosperity' when Reagan entered office.. I guess to liberals, Carter left Reagan in 'great shape' when Reagan came into office!?

    But hey, don't take MY word for it, just LOOK AT THE ECONOMY 4 years IN for OBAMA and compare. IT SUCKS.. there isn't ONE GOOD ECONOMIC NUMBER for OBAMA.. it's hard to argue with SUCCESS.

    by the way, I enjoyed your revisions of history trying to bash the Reagan years as 'horrible' LOL! According to you, the 'Reagan tax cuts were rolled back in 1982' and THEN the economy took off? Well then LETS GO BACK TO THOSE 1982 RATES FOR BOTH PERSONAL AND CORPORATE if you really mean what you say.. You don't even realize what you are saying LOL! Also keep in mind that Obama had a FILIBUSTER PROOF totally DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS that he could pass ANYTHING the first 2 years (and DID pass things, remember OBAMACARE!?) For 2 years the Republicans were powerless to do anything to stop legislation being passed. However, Reagan had to work against Democrats who were in controll of congress, but he had the WILL of the people behind him to get them to do these things after a landslide election.

    4 years is PLENTY long enough to see that president Obama's leadership and policies have basically SPENT ALOT OF MONEY but have DONE NOTHING to stimulate the economy.. GDP has been 2 or lower for 99% of his presidency..

    I could go into so many directions about your liberal 'massage' of the data including even LAST MONTH where you only post 'one side' of the jobs picture. the economy is DEAD right now, and unemployment is HIGH and HAS BEEN for 40+ months.

    good day 'molly'..

  10. this video is mostly for humor and picks at ALOT of important political figures on BOTH sides of the isle, but is has an important message.. seems appropriate here.

    maybe you will leave my postings on here without censoring them.


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