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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan!

The announcement is all over the news media by now:  

Mitt Romney is going with Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential choice.

I've talked about Paul Ryan's disastrous Medicare proposals before HERE at "Keep Your Hands off of My (Son's) Medicare."  Paul Ryan is the guy who wants to end Medicare as we know it by privatizing it and giving seniors vouchers which will barely cover the cost of their health care.  Leo Kapakos gives more details on the absurdity of the Ryan plan HERE at

In my opinion, a country that can't adequately take care of its aged, its poor, its infirm, its children is a backwards country indeed. Let's hope that we have enough people in this country who want to stop moving backwards at the speed of light.

The pick of Ryan is, in my opinion, a gift for the Democrats and Obama.  Apparently, according to this article at Huffington Post, the President's Re-election campaign agrees with me.  Leo Kapakos also comments on the effect of the Ryan pick on the Romney campaign:  
The Ryan budget is political kryptonite for the Romney campaign. Romney’s selection of Ryan, while potentially pacifying conservatives and giving Rush Limbaugh an early Christmas present, is the functional equivalent of putting a giant target on the Romney campaign which already has turned into a disaster.
Don't miss the whole article HERE! 

I'm also glad that Paul Ryan is going to be Romney's Veep candidate, and believe this is the last nail in Romney's political coffin: 

The pairing of two unappealing, personality-deficient characters who lack compassion, empathy, and common sense is a gift for the Democrats and the rest of us. 

Facebook friend Brian adds:
They're as unappealing as fish and peanut butter sandwiches. Each one of them turns my stomach, but put them together and I need Maalox. 
He's got that right.  Thanks, Brian!.

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  1. With the Ryan pick, Romney who as it stands had a hard time reaching seniors and the working class, will have solidified his lack of understanding of the average American. Polls show that 60% to 80% of American’s do not favorably view the Ryan budget that includes big tax cuts for the rich, and huge benefit cuts for everyone else.

    1. Very true, Leo... I think that Ryan is a very good choice for Romney. It will make the Dems' jobs much easier.


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