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Monday, July 25, 2011

Debt Ceiling Drama: America Held Hostage

America is being held hostage over the debt ceiling.

Tea Party Coalition Rejects Boehner's Debt Proposal, and our country continues to be held hostage by right-wing zealots.

Updated jobs numbers for July on Friday, August 5.   Check back then.
Posted be Ccee at the Huffington Post in response to Jennifer Bendery's article:
"Time to back away from the table entirely.. No Use Dealing with these people.. You can't give them everything they want - they won't allow it.
Just say – “We tried.. We practicall­y gave them everything they asked for besides Your Social Security or Medicare..­. We even stopped requesting for the expiration on tax cuts for rich people, stopped asking to close Corporate Tax Loopholes.­.. and it's not enough..
We are going to let the Congress do their job and avert an economic catastroph­e as they have been charged to do under the constituti­on by passing a clean Debt Ceiling Bill.
We will not sign anything else – there is no more time for these games and economic brinkmansh­ip..We cannot allow the Few to Dictate Policy in a Democracy.­. We cannot have the USA Taken Hostage by those with no grasp of the implicatio­ns of their actions outside of Idealism.
We’ll enact meaningful defect reduction – including letting the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich Expire – AFTER the Congress has passed a clean bill for signature.­.. We will allow the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy expire.. We Will Close Corporate Tax Loopholes We NEED To do this To Save Your Medicare and Social Security – We will Do This After Congress have passed a Clean Bill to raise the debit ceiling.”
We CANNOT Deal with these Insane Right Wing Types, who have taken over the Congress..­. This is Our Democracy - Our COUNTRY... Not Play-dough for a few Zealots to Shape in Their Image...Enough Already. Walk away from the table...”
As much as I don't want to see a default, we, the people of the United States of America, are being held hostage by these rabid dog Teaparty followers, doing the dirty work of their very rich masters and thinking they are being "Patriotic".
I agree with CeCee:  Enough already! 

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