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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When Do We Get March Jobs Numbers?

When will March 2017 jobs numbers and unemployment rate be released?

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The ADP report for March will be released Wednesday, April 5th.  

(Note:  The ADP report for March was released on Wednesday, and it showed an addition of 263,000 private sector jobs.)
ADP is NOT the official government jobs number report.  It is produced and published by payroll processor ADP and is usually released on a Wednesday two days before the big government Bureau of Labor Statistics report.  Though it is not an official report, it tends to move in concert with the BLS report and is considered to foreshadow the BLS report which follows a couple of days later.

The March Bureau of Labor Statistics (government BLS) Employment Situation report, the report that includes the number of new jobs and the unemployment rate, will be released Friday, April 7th.  This is the big report that everybody waits for.  The March report will be the second jobs report of Trump's presidency.

Note:  The BLS jobs report was released on Friday, April 7.  It showed an addition of 98,000 jobs, including 89,000 private sector jobs.  More details HERE.
Job openings?  The Jobs Openings, Layoffs, and Turnover Survey (JOLTS) is always a month plus behind the actual Employment Situation jobs report.  The JOLTS report for February will be released Tuesday, April 11th.  The JOLTS report for March will not be released until Tuesday, May 9.

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