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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trump's Million New Jobs: A Big Deal or Not?

Have a million jobs really been created during the presidency of Donald Trump?

Well, yes; since Trump took office in January 2017, six full months ago, 1,074,000 jobs have been added (in net numbers) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which keeps track of such things.

The issue is whether or not this is as big a deal as Trump supporters claim and whether or not this is better than job growth during the Obama years.  

See for yourself:

The graph is a bit small; you can click on it to get a clearer look.  The blue sticks are job growth during the second Obama term.  Green sticks are job growth during the transition, with six month periods overlapping the Obama and Trump administrations.  The red bar at the far right is job growth for the first full six-month period with Donald Trump as President.

Job growth under Trump hasn't slowed a lot compared to job growth under Obama; but it certainly hasn't accelerated.  And, if we just look at six month periods ending in July, this last six month period ending in July 2017 is the most anemic such six month period since at least 2013.

Nothing Grand and Wonderful or Special

So, Trumpsters:  There's nothing to write home about here.  Yes, we did add a million jobs during Fearless Leader Trump's first six months in office, but there is nothing grand or wonderful about adding a million jobs in a six month period.  In recent years, Obama generally did better.  

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