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Friday, September 2, 2011

Job Growth Barely Perceptible. In Fact, It Sucks! August 2011

Job Growth Sucks!

I'm currently updating my spreadsheets with August jobs data which was released this morning.
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How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in August 2011?
As the headline states, job growth sucked in August 2011.  In fact, it was nonexistent.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported absolutely no increase in jobs from July to August, and it revised both June and July data downwards.  Despite these drops:
  • We have continued to increase jobs overall since the "trough" of the recession in early 2010.
  • Numbers of jobs in private industry did increase, while numbers of government jobs continued to decrease.   
  • Year over Year, 3 month, and 2011 jobs numbers did increase.
  • The unemployment rate did not increase.
But considering how many people are unemployed and how many jobs were lost, job growth has been anemic over the last few months.            

More details later....

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