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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Million More Private Sector Jobs Since Obama Took Office?

How many private sector jobs have been gained or lost since Obama took office?


There is some good news buried in the August 2011 jobs report:

In "raw or real" numbers unadjusted for seasonal variation, we now have 1,056,000 MORE private-sector jobs than when Obama stood in front of the American people in January 2009 and took the oath of office.  "Raw" numbers not adjusted for seasonal variation are more volatile, and are rarely used for comparison purposes, (I explain them HERE.) but they do represent the number of jobs that are actually out there in a given month:  Jobs that are held by our friends, family, and neighbors.

I pulled this data from the longer post, How many jobs has Obama created or lost?

Seasonally adjusted private-sector jobs numbers as of August 2011:
  • Private-sector jobs lost from the time Obama took office to the "trough" (bottom of recession): .....4,189,000
  • Private-sector jobs gained since "trough": .....2,398,000
*(This is the number often used by the Democrats as the number of private jobs created since the "trough" of the recession.  It is a correct number, but it is a seasonally-adjusted number.  In "real" unadjusted numbers, 5,207,000 private sector jobs have been created since the "trough" of the recession.)
Net LOSS in seasonally-adjusted private-sector jobs since Obama took office: ....1,791,000                      

"Raw:" numbers not seasonally adjusted: 

  • Private-sector jobs lost from the time Obama took office to the "trough": .....4,151,000 
  • Private-sector jobs gained since "trough": .....5,207,000                                   
Net GAIN in "raw" unadjusted private-sector jobs since Obama took office: .....1,056,000  

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