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Friday, April 4, 2014

How Many Jobs Were Created or Lost in March 2014?

New record in private sector jobs:  We have 116,087,000 private sector jobs in the U.S., a new record surpassing the number of private sector jobs when the recession began, in January 2008.  The economy has regained (or recouped) all private sector jobs lost during the recession.

In March 2014:
  • 192,000 TOTAL payroll jobs were ADDED in seasonally adjusted numbers.
  • 192,000 PRIVATE payroll sector jobs were ADDED in seasonally adjusted numbers.
  • There was NO CHANGE in the number of GOVERNMENT sector (federal, state, and local) jobs in March. 
  • 476,000 MORE people employed.
  • 184,000 MORE people employed full-time.
  • 365,000 MORE people employed part-time.
  • 503,000 MORE people in the civilian labor force (people either working or looking for work).
  • 27,000 MORE people unemployed.
  • Unemployment rate stays the same at 6.7% due to the large number of people who joined the labor force in March.

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