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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Job Growth Is Usually Higher Under Democratic Administrations

Democratic administrations beat Republican administrations in terms of overall percentage of job growth.  Democratic administrations are denoted by blue bars, Republican administrations by red bars on the graph below.

(You may wish to click the photo to get a better look at the graph.)

All together?   Republicans or Democrats?

Since January 1945, about 72 years ago and almost the beginning of the Post WWII era, there have been 18 Presidential terms, 9 held by Democratic administrations, 9 held by Republican administrations.  

Over all, during those 18 terms, job growth has averaged 7.26% per four-year term based on the number of jobs counted and reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now found at BLS Table CES0000000001.  

  • Job growth in 9 Republican terms has averaged  4.79% per four-year term.
  • Job growth in 9 Democratic terms has averaged 10.91% per four-year term.

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