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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Battle: The Aliens are Coming!

Democrat Joanne Kloppenburg, virtually unknown in Wisconsin until a few weeks ago, defeated the incumbent Supreme Court Justice Repubican David Prosser in a very narrow, but important victory.  

She won by a margin of 204 votes; she received 740,090; he received 739,886 votes.  It is unclear if all of the absentee ballots have been counted as yet, and it is very likely that the Republicans will request a recount.

This is an exceptional victory for the forces who are fighting for the rights and futures of working people everywhere.  Just a few weeks ago, Ms. Kloppenburg was a virtual unknown running against an incumbent, and he had outpaced her by about 30 percentage points in the primary.  A 20% turnout was expected; about 33% of registered voters actually did vote.  

Those of us posting at Huffington Post entertained each other as we kept track of the returns online, but the following gets my vote for the funniest reply of the day:

Republican poster claims:  

My Uncle is an election judge in Madison. He said they caught 13 people voting for Joanne that actually lived in Illinois. They followed them to the parking lot and wrote down all the Illinois Plate Numbers. 
God Bless

MovieGuy replied:

My second cousin twice removed is an election judge in Madison as well, and he said, he watched hundreds of people after voting for Prosser, go the parking lots and peel off their skin to reveal they were giant orange weasels from the moons of Altarus 7! 
He said, they were then picked up by a giant flying saucer driven by John Bohener, who was squeaking and chirping away at them in some kind of alien language! 
My second cousin ran after them, and demanded to see their long form birth certificat­es but Boehner just chirped out “Give our regards to Scotty, we are off to visit our leader David Koch in California­!"

Thanks for the laugh, MG!  We're going to have to watch for those orange space ships as the recount gets under way! 

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