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Friday, April 29, 2011

Crushing the Human Spirit Indeed!

Crushing the human spirit indeed.

A comment by a conservative at the Huffington Post a few weeks ago:
The thing the Dems need to work on is completely crushing the human spirit. Once they can make sure nobody thinks they have a chance to succeed, the more they will realize that they need to join the collective and surrender their individual­ity and creativity­.
Crushing the human spirit?  Does this poster even know what that means? 

What kind of things really crush the human spirit?  

It's working for decades, having a great work record, being laid off and not being able to find work...and then being called "lazy" by conservatives and right-wingers who don't approve of unemployme­nt insurance extensions­.

It's spending years earning your college degree and not being able to find a decent job... and then having to repay boatloads of student loan debt.

It's working 55 or more hour weeks with no overtime pay (because you are considered "exempt") under constant threats of terminatio­n and ever-changing work rules, while the CEO of your company earns millions as he lays off and off shores workers.  And then the same CEO retires and hauls  bags of cash out the door as he goes. 

It's looking for spare change in your sofa and under your car seats so that you can buy a couple of gallons of gas to get to a job interview.­. and then reading about hedge fund managers who have pulled in billions in one year... billions...  and who pay a lower tax rate on those billions than you pay on your unemployment insurance benefits.

It's watching your bank accounts and retirement accounts empty as you spend days and nights looking for work... and then sitting up all night, sleepless, as you hope you can find work before you lose your home.

It's having your old car break down and swallowing your pride as you ask your family members and friends to loan your some money so that you can fix it. 

It's having your heat turned off and not asking for help from your family and friends because you don't want to burden them with your financial problems.. and because you are ashamed of the financial situation you are in.

It's being a teacher, a firefighter, a policeman, or other government worker who has achieved a middle class status with the help of unions... and now facing an uncertain future because the upper classes have declared war on said unions.

These are the kinds of things that crush the human spirit, and they have been brought to us by the conservatives and Republicans who have decimated our economy and the middle class for decades.

Succeed?  Most people just want to live a middle class life; to have a decent job that provides money to feed their families, buy a home, send their kids to college, procure health insurance, and retire in dignity. That's "success", and it's out of reach for more and more people these days.

"Crushing the human spirit", indeed.


  1. I'm there too Molly. Three years + of fruitlessly seeking work while investing time and money pursuing my passion in self employment, for which everyone loves but no one buys has broken my spirit and buried me in deep depression. I could tell you of my credentials, experience and success but everyone seems to have that story.

    My family and friends do what they can but what I need is sufficient income and anyone who would help is struggling. I don't want to talk about anything because nothing I do or say seems to matter.

    My beliefs seem not to apply to me. I have been given many blessings but they will not sustain my life much longer. I am out of ambition to keep trying. I'm out of patience. I'm out of compassion, tolerance and have lost faith in the human spirit. Only a miracle could restore my life and I've been expecting one of those for 6 years. I'm done.

  2. Anonymous, I'm very sorry that things look so bleak for you now. I understand, and I'm terribly frustrated for you, for us, for all who are struggling.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.


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