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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey, Obama! Jobs are the Biggest Problem!

Obama, Stop Listening to the GOP!  Don't let them bulldoze you about the debt!  

We need jobs!  More jobs equals more revenue!  

Note:  Jobs and employment data for June will be available from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) on Friday, July 8th.  Check back for analysis of the June numbers then!
The following was just emailed to me by a friend.  Apparently it is going to be published in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald out of Dubuque, Iowa.  The author lives in nearby Galena, Illinois.  As Obama was in the "neighborhood" in Davenport, Iowa, this morning, I wonder if he happened to read through any local papers and saw it.

Jobs, not Deficit, Nation's Top Problem  (emphasis mine):    
"What's it going to take to get President Obama and his administration to counter the GOP fiction about the nation's deficit being its biggest problem?  It can wait. 
The number one problem is ordinary people -- the middle-class -- losing  jobs, their homes, because of money-grabbing shenanigans by Wall Street, big banks and "regulators" asleep at the switch.  Our real challenge is getting people back to work so they can pay their mortgages and again buy things.  The private sector will not re-invest substantially -- bring jobs back from overseas -- until the middle-class is on a healthier footing.  A strong middle-class has been key since it was virtually "born" in the aftermath of WW II.  Major corporations wouldn't be what they are today had they not had middle-classers working in their factories, making good wages and purchasing their products. 
President Obama, get a massive public works program on stream to help save the shrinking, struggling middle-class.  Show the GOP some economics muscle!"
 Richard Laubhan
Galena, IL 61036
Do our corporations need the great U.S. Middle Class anymore? 

For the most part, I agree with Mr. Laubhan.  I am concerned, however, that our corporations no longer care about the middle class here.  We need to remind ourselves that corporations are in business for one reason and one reason only:  To make a profit for their owners and/or stockholders.  International corporations can make plenty of profits from just a few percent of people, the emerging middle class, in China or India.  Why do they need a healthy middle class here?

I hope I'm wrong about this.

Even though we've started to gingerly enter into positive job territory (Employers are reporting more jobs in May than they were reporting in January 2009 when Obama was inaugurated.), there are more people in the U.S. now than there were in January 2009.  Also, too many of the new jobs are temporary, seasonal, or low-wage jobs; we still have too many people who are among the long-term unemployed without benefits (the 99ers); and we still haven't made a dent in the 4.4 million  jobs lost in the last months of the Bush administration.

Jobs are still a problem, despite the real improvements that have been made in the job picture.

Thanks for this letter, Mr. Laubhan, which sums up the situation so well!   

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  1. There is one way to get the corporations attention, but nobody will do it.

    For instance, yesterday the CEO of Cypress Semiconductor was on CNBC bragging that they have more employees overseas than they do in America and if we don't let them set the rules, he will take his ball (company) and move overseas.

    So let's call their bluff.

    1. Go ahead and move.
    2. Make sure that ALL of your employees understand that you will not be able to live in, or sell to America, PERIOD....

  2. Virgil, thanks for reading and commenting!

    I've thought the same. If these corporations want to be overseas so much, let them go, and don't let them sell or invest here.

    I'm sure there are reasons why many would say this wouldn't work, particularly due to the tariff-type restrictions that will need to be imposed on some of these companies.

    But, in effect, we'd be declaring some companies as "outlaw" companies.

    Is there still enough of a market here, however, for companies to want to continue to be able to sell in the US?

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment, and.. let's see if I can get the name of your website in here:


  3. If you click on Virgil's name, you will get to his "Keep America At Work" website.


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