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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet: If the Tea Party Gets Their Way...

 A great rant from Arnie Zelkowitz in reply to an article on Huffington Post on the #OccupyWallStreet movement:
“If the Tea Party gets their way, there will be rioting in America that will make the '60s look like a piece of cake. (They will) Break the unions, get rid of minimum wage, privatize education to the tune of $20-30,000 a year for a third grader, get rid of Social Security and Medicare. Turn America into the low wage society that those at the top of the Republican food chain are trying to achieve.
Those who support these Republican­s will be the first to riot when salaries are cut by two thirds and health insurance is taken away. Allow the Wall Street banks and other large multi-nati­onal corporatio­ns to run this country the way they want and you will get what you voted for. One day you and your children will be competing for the same low paying job. Most children in this country will grow up without an education.
Go ahead, support these guys. They are using you time and time again for their own benefit. They send out their minions and even tell you their plans.
Get rid of illegals? Sure, it will give your children somewhere to work for 75 cents an hour. Privatized schools will cost you the entire family income every year. They don't care. They don't need the American market anymore. We are a drop in the bucket for them when they sell to the whole world.
All they want is for the U.S. to be a low wage society for their benefit.”

It seems pretty obvious to me, but we still have millions out there who think that the "rich job creators" are on their side.  Good rant, Arnie.. Good luck to you!    


  1. One question: GOT PROJECTION? Trotting out the TEA party as a boogyman is trite.They want to get govt out of your lfe as much as possible.
    Increase minimum wage, watch low level jobs vanish. Mandate health care, take billions out of the economy and watch jobs vanish due to the fact that the govt. took the money for job creation out of the market. Let's not forget that the only thing the govt. seems to do right is National defense. Everything else they do ends up way over projections and constantly gets bigger and provides less for more money.
    Want prosperity? Cut the govt. back to what's allowed by the Constitution! Dump overbearing regulations, excessive taxes, and watch people prosper.
    Have breaucrats run everything and the end result is equal misery with a select few living in comfort. See any socialist/ communist country to find epic failure.

  2. I want to make it clear that I didn't write the piece above, but I do agree with most of the sentiments expressed there. First of all, I doubt that most people who are occupying the various cities around the country want to get government out of our lives. We want a responsible government that answers to "We the People", not "We The Big Corporations". That can't happen with the current dependence of politicians on private fund-raising.

    The individual who wrote that quote did not mention anything about raising the minimum wage, but shouldn't the minimum wage provide an ability for minimum wage workers to survive? Right now it does not. And if it were equivalent to the minimum wage in the 70's, it would be about $15/hr now. Decreasing the minimum wage will simply create an underclass of people who work for peanuts and have nothing... worse than things are now. Did you bother to read books such as Upton Sinclair's The Jungle" in school? Or did you sleep through American history?

    About health care: We are one of the few developed countries in the world without universal health care. People without health care get the option of suffering and dying, going bankrupt, or letting their families survive them in financial chaos. Why is that O.K. with you?

    Do you really dislike this country so that you think it is just fine that people work for peanuts without any health insurance.. and then drop dead when they get some kind of preventable illness? Is that your vision for this great country of ours? If it is, do you then call yourself a Patriot?

    I will answer more later, perhaps I will add your comments and my replies to another post.

    Thanks for stopping by. I always respect other opinions as long as they are presented without insults or name-calling.

  3. This is pathetic. Why would you post something on your blog you don't completely agree with? I smell BS. I love how people like you blame everyone except those who are the actual cause of our mess. Congress. Many of them have been in their positions for DECADES. You guys are part of the problem just as much as congress and the far right wing Tea Party.

  4. What is pathetic? I said that I agree with most of what was written, so what is your problem?

    Congress is certainly a big part of the problem... Until we get money out of politics, we will not have a government by, or, and for the people.

    I have no problem with discourse and opposing opinions, but I don't like name-calling or over generalizations.

    Please remember that you are free to start a blog and post whatever you wish.


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