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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Buffett Rule Blocked. Obama Talks About Being "Blessed"

The Buffett Rule was blocked by the Senate Republicans a few days back.  

Buffett and Obama talk taxes. Newscom 
Here's part of what President Obama said about the Buffet rule: 

"The tax proposal, Obama said on Sunday, is “not an argument about redistribution” of wealth. Instead, he said, "we're making an argument about how do we grow the economy so that it's going to prosper in this competitive 21st century environment," he said. "The only way we're going to do that is if people like me, who have been incredibly blessed, are willing to give a little bit back so that the next generation coming along can succeed as well.”"
Republicans "blessed"?  Naw..  They EARNED every dime!

Republicans will never say that they have their wealth because they were "blessed"; they will say that they have their wealth because they "worked hard".  That they were able to "work hard" because they weren't ill, because they received seed money from an inheritance, or because they were lucky enough to get more brains than the next guy due to the grace of God or the Fates never crosses their minds.

Republicans will never talk about their capacity to walk over people, ignore people, and hurt people in their way to golden riches; they will say they "planned ahead" or "made good choices".  They often see themselves as "superior" to the people they often trashed on the way to the gold mines.

But some people know they are lucky, gifted, blessed..

So, isn't it great to have a graduate of Harvard, a man who is well-off... and could even be better-off if he didn't go into politics... admit that there was some element of "blessings" in the brains that got him to Harvard?       

Obama wants people who are gifted, as he was, to pay back "a little" so that we can all have a stronger country.  But, of course, the Senate did not have the 60 votes needed to get this passed.  Republicans.. again.     

This is no surprise. But hopefully the Democrats can use this in their campaigns against the Republicans in November.

From the article:
Democrats have tried to use the alleged unfairness of the tax code as a campaign weapon against GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who paid federal income tax of $3.2 million on income of nearly $21 million in 2011, for an effective tax rate of 15 percent. Much of Romney’s income came from capital gains on his investments. Capital gains are taxed at 15 percent, while the top marginal tax rate on earned income is 35 percent.
That unemployed guy who made $21 million NEEDS and DESERVES his 15% tax rate while the declining middle class often pays more.  

But the Republicans blocked the Buffett rule.  We don't want to harm those "job creators" now, do we?           

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  1. What do you have against the Tenth Commandment? All this phoney class-warfare in direct violation of the Tenth Commandment should cause you to be unable to look yourself in the mirror. It really disgusts me how hateful of the Tenth Commandment all Leftists are. And if you do even a modicum of research, you'll know I've never even made it into the upper echelons of the middle class, so you'd look a fool if you claimed I hate poor people, all the while you're still violating Providence's Tenth Commandment.


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