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Friday, June 7, 2013

How Many Jobs Has Obama Created or Lost?

How many NET jobs created or lost under Obama as of May 2013?

How many private sector jobs have been lost or added during Obama's presidency?

How many new jobs in the last 4 years since Obama was inaugurated?

How many Americans were working or employed when Obama took office... compared to now?

Answers to all of these questions below the links..

Numbers for May with all revisions:

Since the "trough" of the recession in late 2009/early 2010 in seasonally adjusted numbers:
  • 6.3 million MORE jobs in total
  • 6.9 million MORE private sector jobs
  • 5,873,000 MORE people working 

Since Bush left office & Obama took office (January 2009) in seasonally adjusted numbers:
  • 2.0 million MORE jobs in total
  • 2.7 million MORE private sector jobs
  • 1,745,000 MORE people working

Have any private jobs been lost (net) over the past 39 months?
  • 39 months of consecutive private-sector job growth.

Have any jobs been lost (net) over the past 32 months?

  • 32 months of consecutive overall job growth.
Are more people unemployed now than when Obama took office in January 2009?  
  • Despite 1,426,000 MORE people in the labor force (either working or actively looking for work) now vs. January 2009, there are 319,000 FEWER people unemployed now than in January 2009. 

What's the difference between "net" and "gross" jobs gained and lost?

Let's get something straight:  Jobs are lost every week and every month.  People are fired, people are laid off, businesses or locations are closed and everybody is let go. 

Also people quit every week.  You yourself, dear reader,  may have quit a job at some point in time. 

But people are also HIRED every week and every month.  New businesses open, businesses expand, businesses replace people who have left or been fired.  Every week.  You yourself, dear reader, may have been hired for a job at some point in time.  This happens in good times and bad. 

Yes, even in bad times, people are getting hired.  Even in good times, people are let go.  

Now:  The monthly jobs reportupon which this article is based, presents estimates based on surveys as to how many jobs are gained or lost in a given month.  Those numbers are based on the number of new jobs (people getting hired, businesses opening) MINUS the number of jobs that have been cut (people getting fired, people quitting, businesses closing or cutting back).

The monthly jobs report therefore reports NET job growth or loss.  

For 32 months in this country, we have had MORE jobs being added than we have had jobs being cut.  For 39 months in the private sector (not counting federal workers, state or local workers such as teachers, firemen, cops, or people who staff the DMV, only counting people who work for private businesses), we have had MORE jobs added than we have had jobs being cut.

To reiterate:  How many jobs have been created in the last 4 years versus how many jobs have been lost?

There are two million
MORE jobs created in the last four years than jobs that have been lost.
All numbers provided on monthly jobs reports, which is what the series on jobs created/lost under Obama is based, are NET jobs numbers.  In other words, they reflect gains after all job losses are subtracted, or they reflect job losses after all gains are added. 
For the past 39 months (as of May 2013), we have had NET gains in private jobs numbers every month.  In other words, in every month since February 2010, more private jobs have been created than have been lost.  In every month since September 2010, more jobs in total have been created than have been lost.

Fact check and important information on these jobs numbers...
The above jobs numbers are from the BLS jobs report of May 2013, which was released in June 2013.  The surveys used to gather these numbers are taken as of the week which includes the 12th day of the month, in this case, May 12, 2013. 


  1. I just took the BLS labor force participation rate for all civilian jobs, and multiplied by the non military population. The figures started in Apr 2010 and showed 200,994,628 working persons then. The figure then lowered to as low as 197,989,531 in Aug 2011, and ending in May of 2013 at 200,207,687 working persons. That is either essentially "flat" or very slightly down trending. Using other figures based upon "added jobs" and unemployment percent is far too treacherous, because the figures issued by the BLS have been tampered with by successive waves of bureaucratic changes designed to make the figures less frightening. As far as I can find out, the participation rate is largely unchanged. This is well understood by top analysts as the poorest recovery since the Great Depression. The amount of study and research on this is vast, and not really going to be destroyed by one or two persons analyzing and publishing a blog about it. The recovery is the worst. Fact.

    1. I was absolutely shocked by this article. There has been multiple businesses down-sized or closed in my state. Several of my friends who worked as teachers have lost their jobs due to down-sizing. Yet,according to this report, no jobs have been lost. I don't care what the statistics say. I just need to look around me to see the economy is worse. If it was better then the number of people on food stamps would be decreasing tremendously.

    2. First to anonymous, as I have written over and over and over: There have been multiple businesses down sized or closed everywhere and there always are, in good times and in bad. I would suggest that you look at this report that shows the number of people who were laid off compared to the number of people who quit or the number of people who were hired:

      How many jobs lost or gained in 2013 to date?

      I live in a city that supposedly has a high unemployment rate.. still. But everybody that I know in person who was struggling two to three years ago, including all of the recent college graduates, have resolved their issues. Most have found full-time jobs.. in their field or in a professional field. A couple have moved from marketing or architecture to IT. Some have retired. But job loss and misery is really not a topic of conversation around here any more... that was simply not true two to three years ago. Now, some areas of the country are in worst shape than others. Also, people who hate Obama will simply refuse to believe any good numbers or any positive news.

      The number of people on food stamps is a lagging indicator... and it's not going to get all that better because so many people are retiring, and many who are retiring simply don't have the resources that they expected to have due to the recession.

      So... you believe that the number of food stamps is increasing.. that statistic you believe.. but you don't believe that we have added 7 million private sector jobs in the last three years? How do you decide what statistics you believe in and which ones you don't?

    3. Chris, I have more to write to you, but I do want to say this: This is the WORST recession since the Great Depression. Why would the recovery not be equally dicey? And with Republicans doing whatever they can to exacerbate the misery of the American people, hoping that they will be stupid enough to again choose Republicans to represent them? Why would you expect a faster recovery?

      As it is, 7 million jobs in the last 3 years isn't bad, and it is the second best 3 year run since the late 1990's.

    4. I disagree with you Molly. I voted for Obama with every thought and hope that he would help turn the country around. I am not stupid enough to vote party simply to vote party. This has become a ridiculous attitude of Americans standing by their party, when if most of them were told about the candidate and not told party affiliation, most would have a hard time deciding which party to assign them to! That is the truth! To not see the vast similarities and only few differences, one would have to have their head in the sand. And frankly why in the world would anyone live their lives these days towing the party line. There is absolutely no loyalty left in the world of business. A man having a job in a company for 20 years is much more likely to be fired just so the company can lower their costs by hiring a young lad out of college! I think voting party has become detrimental to the proper function of this nation and the government. People instead should be taking a stand with their consciences! or with their standards of morality or fair play...but sure as hell not because "well Grammy was a democrat so I am too!" That is the completely wrong reason to vote for a candidate!
      The numbers that you state are NOT what I've seen elsewhere and frankly anyone can say anything and pick and choose the numbers they care for most. There are several sets of those numbers! The proof is in the pudding though. Everyone around me is suffering! Those that are working have taken major pay decreases to be able to have a job at all and are having a hard time making their mortgages. As a result homelessness is on the increase! How can you ignore that blaring fact?!! Does it not make any sort of sense to you that as people lose jobs they lose their houses. Take a trip with me down Logic Lane here, Molly! 20.5 million people homeless! The highest statistic EVER!!!
      And the statement of "hoping that they will be stupid enough to again choose Republicans to represent them" By God, if you think at this point that your congressmen or anyone in the govt. is actually representing you with the lobbying and gifts and money and politicians being bought on a daily basis...well the best thing I can say is take a look at: "Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist's playbook" on youtube. You seriously need to find a clue!! Although its probably much more pleasant to live in your world thinking everything is hunky and dorey!

    5. "The numbers that you state are NOT what I've seen elsewhere and frankly anyone can say anything and pick and choose the numbers they care for most. There are several sets of those numbers!"

      I don't suppose you have any sources that you'd like to include. My numbers come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.. There aren't any other sources.

      20.5 million people are homeless? In the United States? Where are you coming up with all of this crap?

      If you are foolish enough to believe the "both parties are the same" stuff, I would suggest you spend some time.. a lot of time.. .at Yes, corporations do give money to both parties.. but there are huge differences between what group gives how much money to whom. Only someone with his/her eyes closed (not sure why someone would want to walk around with his/her eyes closed) will not be able to see the differences.

    6. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that a lot of jobs have been created under Obama's leadership -- 4.4 million by the bureau's latest count. What Obama did not say, however, was that the nation shed 4.3 million jobs during the early days of his term, and that the net gain since he took the oath of office in January 2009 is just 125,000 jobs."
      From an article CNN ran "Job Creation Vs. Unemployment"
      You are right the Bureau of Labor Statistics DOES say Obama created all these jobs...but they are right too, you NEVER hear about all the jobs that have been lost. It's like balancing a checkbook. If I add 500 dollars into my account and then spend 300 shockingly it DOESN'T mean I still have 500 in my account. You have to do math. ;^)
      In fact the current administration with the help of USGS seriously harmed an industry with which I have personal experience. Sadly the USGS boldly admitted they were sacrificing a 23 million dollar industry, because of a problem they said would cost them 6 million dollars to clean up. The 6 million to clean up the issue was a lie though when they held the snake hunts in the Everglades, never being able to catch the terrifying numbers of loose reptiles that they had reported. And Despite the testimony of snake professionals and biologists who swore under oath that those snakes could not live and breed anywhere in the U.S. except for the Everglades, trade in those species was stopped. Funny though, they never bothered to set up these hunts in any other states!!! 23 million dollars in clean taxable revenue gone! All the jobs that were held in that field gone! Obama may have created 4.4 million jobs but the REAL truth is that he lost 4.3 million jobs. But hey thanks for getting back to me! Have a good night!

  2. Does anyone take into account the nearly two million immigrants that enter our country each year, who employ's these folks ?.

    1. This is what the BLS says about the counting of immigrants, both documented and undocumented, in the monthly Employment Situation report:

      "2. Are undocumented immigrants counted in the surveys?
      It is likely that both surveys include at least some undocumented immigrants. However, neither the establishment nor the household survey is designed to identify the legal status of workers. Therefore, it is not possible to determine how many are counted in either survey. The establishment survey does not collect data on the legal status of workers. The household survey does include questions which identify the foreign and native born, but it does not include questions about the legal status of the foreign born. Data on the foreign and native born are published each month in table A-7 of The Employment Situation news release."

      The CPS (Current Population Survey) which is used to count the employed and determine the unemployment rate is conducted by the Census. The Census does not ask any questions pertaining to the residency status of anyone they survey. The Census is also very good at ferreting out people who may not want to answer the survey, for instance, they talk to neighbors if they must.


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