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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Dare Those Union Workers!

An article, entitled "Labor Unions Admit they are Killing American Jobs", written in 2006, was quoted by a conservative poster at Huffington Post.  Unfortunately, the link to this article doesn't work, but the article reads in part:

From the article:  

"One must admit that members of industrial unions have made out rather well, able to afford nice homes, automobile­s, vacations, and college educations for their children."

Yes, unions truly are evil, aren't they?  How dare people who aren't of wealthy birth, who don't have college degrees, actually think they should have a nice home, automobile­s, vacations, and college educations for their children! How dare they! How could anyone think they actually deserve a middle class existence?

Those people should be working on those assembly lines for $1/hr!!.. or less... Who do these workers think they are? Their children, instead of going to college, should be working on the assembly lines along with their working class parents, at the age of 6 or 7!

(Of course, the above is tongue-in-­cheek.) 

Interestin­g that the people at "Intellect­ual Conservati­ve" never think to examine the increasing gap between the salaries of senior corporate executives and the average worker when talking about the lack of competitiv­eness of U.S. manufactur­ers... Somehow it's the worker's fault, not the executives­. 

(More tongue in cheek) Well, we know the executives deserve mansions, several vacation homes, a garage full of classic collector cars, and their kids should have fancy sports cars the day they turn 16. The executives deserve that... they work hard! Those ungrateful workers... Let's get rid of those unions and send those workers back to the tenements and slums where they belong.

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