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Friday, March 18, 2011

Those Mean Old Unions!

From "Rashnak" at Huffington Post:
If private sector jobs go union and demand increased pay the company will simply move to another state, or another country."
I couldn't leave that comment unanswered, so I replied to Rashnak:

Yep, life was simply grand before those mean old unions, wasn't it? 
People worked for peanuts, there was no minimum wage, children were sent to the factory at an early age vs. to school. Workers worked 6 or 7 day weeks, 12- 14 or more hours a day, with no overtime. There was no workman's comp; no oversight of worker's health and safety. If you died on your job, they'd simply dump your body out the back door.
And, yes, corporatio­ns have moved to different states and different countries. But that isn't the fault of the unions; that, my friend, is the fault of the incredible greed that has overcome corporate America.
What we need are not fewer unions, but more.. all over the world. When everybody is organized and the workers of all countries are protected by decent wage, hour, and working condition legislatio­n, the working and middle class workers of the world can actually get somewhere.
Why aren't you as incensed about hedge fund managers making billions and CEO's making millions as they lay off workers and off shore jobs as you are about a union worker asking for a fair deal?”

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