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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Wisconsin Protesters Refuse to Quit" Comment

"Go Wisconsin!­!!

You have the support of people all over the western world, who are facing — or are about to face — the same situation that you’re facing now. We’re not just rooting for you; we ARE you.

All over the western world, arithmetic­ally oblivious prostitici­ans are trying to steal social stability from the middle class in order to service the incessant greed of the obscenely wealthy.

It is impossible to placate infinite greed, using a finite source of wealth, and it is socially catastroph­ic to try. You don’t need to be a math whiz to understand that; it barely requires an understand­ing of basic arithmetic­.

They will happily destroy western civilizati­on. They won’t even slow the attack, let alone stop it, unless the people stand up, and force them, and it’s all starting with you.

You are that glimmer of hope for America — that spark of life — the beginning.

This Canadian couldn’t be more proud of her neighbours to the south.


Posted by My Name is Too Common at Huffington Post: Wisconsin Protesters Refuse to Quit

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