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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Open Letter to Joanne Kloppenburg

From "MovieGuy2010" at Huffington Post:

"Funny how these things work out.

I promise you, not a single Democrat outside of Wisconsin, and many inside had ever heard of JoAnne Kloppenbur­g a couple of weeks ago. Really she was a token candidate, NO one expected this until Scott Walker decided to become Ronnie Reagan Jr. and kick the Unions of WI in the teeth to make his Teabagger bones.

First. JoAnne, if I may be so bold. Please don't forget who put you in that exalted seat, and why.
We have PLENTY of judges there for the political powers that be, you were elected by us poor working schmucks who have been getting kicked in the teeth for the last couple of decades.
We are not asking for an inside job, just a day in court and a recognitio­n that we matter as well as people that can call the governor and get their call taken any time of the day. 
So, you have gone from an unknown asst Attorney General to a name that MIGHT be a rallying cry for working class folks tired of being the scapegoat for disasters we didn't cause, but mostly landed on us anyway.
Do us proud, Supreme Court Justice Kloppenbur­g. Sometimes fate picks people out, and puts them in the right place at the right time.
This time, it was you."


  1. Being a REAL taxpayer in Wisconsin (not a union one that we pay for and give things we can't afford ourselves), there was clearly fraud in this election. We WILL get to the bottom of us.

    Kloppenburg is a union puppet and most REAL taxpayers know it. I hope the Budget Repair bill gets passed before she takes office and then the idiots that voted for her, will have to put up with all the stupid decisions she makes and hopefully they will NOT be decisions desired by those that voted for her.

  2. If there indeed is fraud, I certainly hope that it is uncovered. We all know that a recount is in the offing. My own position is that this is a big, big victory for the people over the large corporations that are threatening to steal our Democracy from us.

    I'm sorry that you have fallen for decades of union bashing by the right-wing and are obviously siding against your own interests as a (probably) middle class human being who wants to see the American way of life continue.

    Wishing you the best and a sincere thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hogwash.

    There was no fraud, this is ginned up hysteria campaign lead by John Fund who was ALREADY in WI before the election, claiming fraud.

    This is just cover fodder for the Faux News faithful, who have been convinced 90% of WI want the unions busted, so this has to be fraud.

    MovieGuy 2010


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