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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA Blackout, More SOPA.. and PIPA too!

As you may know by now, Wikipedia is blacking itself out to protest the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation which would seriously dampen, if not eliminate altogether, free and open communication and speech on the Internet.  It would accomplish this, in short, by making the purveyors of such open communication; websites that rely on user content, such as Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, even etsy and eBay, responsible for any copyright infringements that appear on their sites.  Whole sites could be shut down due to one potential copyright infringement that hasn't even been judicially vetted.   Online piracy should be curtailed or stopped, but this is like whacking off your big toe because you have a hangnail.  Or like blowing up your house because you have a leak in your plumbing.  

Sources and resources on SOPA:

Information about Wikipedia's campaign to call attention to these laws can be found  HERE.

My basic article on the Wikipedia blackout and SOPA HERE.

Here's a list of other sites that are in support of SOPA; that have information about SOPA and/or PIPA, that contain petitions to Congressional legislatures against SOPA and PIPA:
Google Joins Online SOPA Protest
SOPA Strike Info
Good, basic article on SOPA at Huffington Post
The Big Move On Petition against SOPA 
Raw Story is blacked out for SOPA
Obama has come out against SOPA
Rob Zerban for Congress Blacking out against SOPA
Electronic Frontier Foundation One Page Against SOPA
Progressives Kick Ass: Stop SOPA!
How Smart Politics and Online Activism Can Force Congress to Block SOPA
Help Reddit save the Internet.. There's a petition here!
Occupy Cyberspace - American Autumn Protests the Protect IP Act

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