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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unemployed Man Makes 21 million bucks!

Did he win the lottery?

No, most of this money was capital gains on the money the now unemployed man made a decade or two earlier as he laid off and offshored jobs, resulting in people losing their homes, their health, and their spirit.

We're talking  Mitt Romney here, who just released his recent tax returns earlier today.  He is probably going to try to tell us that all of that money he squirreled away while at Bain "helped create jobs".  

Mitt Romney Unemployed?

Do you remember that clip of Mitt attempting to make small talk with a group of voters on the campaign trail?  HERE, in case you have forgotten.  Mitt claims to be "just like them" and unemployed.  Uh huh.  

Just how much is 21 million?  

21 million...  420 families could have a "median" income for that 21 million.  Or he could keep two million and 380 families could have a "median" income with the rest.  But we all know that Mitt earned that money by working hard, long hours.. by being smarter and more strategic than the rest of us.  

So he deserves every last penny of that 21 million (even though he didn't work during the past year)... and the 21 million that he earned in 2010 as well. 

And the rest of those people who worked for the companies that Bain butchered deserve.. well, they were lazy, not very smart, and they just weren't very aggressive.  So they deserve whatever they wound up with, which probably wasn't much.  

What would you do if you made 42 million in the last two years?

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