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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romney's Dog Seamus Is on the Front Page Again!

Rusty from Dogs Against Romney says "Woof!"
Romney's Dog, Seamus, has made the front page again. 

 This time, the front page of the Washington Post.  (Our friends at Dogs Against Romney also got a mention.)

Is this an important story or just a distraction? 

A Democratic strategist quoted in the article says:  
“It’s a signifier,” Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said. “There are certain events that happen over the course of someone’s life that play into a larger story line and feed into a caricature. Seamus the dog story just plays into a negative story line about a guy who you may not completely trust.” 
Meanwhile, a Republican advisor dismisses the importance of the dog-on-the-roof  story:
 “For crying out loud, with 8.3 percent unemployment, if the dog defeats you, you deserve to be defeated,” said the adviser, who requested anonymity to speak candidly. “Come on. You’ve got to run a good campaign to overcome that. President Obama overcame Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres.”
Except that Obama didn't strap either Wright or Ayres to the roof of a car.. and both of those issues were blown up/made up by the right wing to discredit Obama.  And the Romney campaign, with Romney's history of laying off people as part of his management of Bain capital and Massachusett's record of 47th in job growth during Mitt's tenure, shouldn't be mentioning unemployment... I guess they figure that the Democrats and the population at large won't remember those little things.

I continue to believe that strapping a kennel to the roof of a car for a 12 hour ride is inhumane; continuing the ride after the dog made its distress known by defecating in the kennel is unconscionable.

The Washington Post story did contain additional information about the fate of Seamus.  This article claims that the dog lived out his life in California with Romney's sister.   

In the meantime, Dogs against Romney continues to add to its line of T-shirts for sale.  This picture is available on a background of light blue, tie-dye blue, or black:  Click at the link for this and more.  


  1. Lets get back to being serious about getting rid of this cancer that has America stuck in mud Obama and putting our country back on track. Its about time for santantrum and Newt Gringo to endorse Romney, he is the most qualified person to be a Potus. Case closed!

  2. Sorry, but the Republicans are de4spicable and disgusting, including Romney, dog or not. Obama has had more to contend with than any recent President, and he has done so with grace. For this, due to his race, he has more negativity thrown at him than any President I can remember. A "cancer"? And you espouse the Republicans who are destroying the middle class? And you don't see it? Shame on you. You probably believe in such silliness as "trickle down" and you probably believe that someone like Romney, whose state came in 47th in job creation while he was guv, knows something about creating jobs. Why you would want a man who is an expert in destroying jobs vs. someone who is proving to be pretty darned good at making those jobs despite incredible obstruction is unclear.


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