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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unemployment in Ohio Under Obama: Down, Down, Down! (Updated with September Numbers)

October Jobs Numbers Have Been Released:
October 2012 Jobs Reports Summary

When Obama took office in January 2009, the unemployment rate in Ohio was 8.6% while the national average was still only 7.8%.

In September 2012, the latest month for which state numbers are available, Ohio's unemployment rate is now 7.0%, almost a full percentage point lower than the national unemployment rate of 7.8%.  

Ohio's unemployment rate went up to a whopping 10.6% in summer and fall of 2009, higher than the national unemployment rate ever reached, and then  started to come down, as the effect of the auto rescue and the stimulus hit Ohio.  (See the graph below.)

How Many Unemployed People?

When Obama took office, there were already 511,409 unemployed people in Ohio.  That number went up to 628,318 in July 2009, and then it started tumbling down.  Now (as of September), 405,900 people in Ohio are unemployed, the smallest number unemployed since July 2008.

Ohio had the 12th HIGHEST unemployment rate in the nation when Obama took office in January 2009.  Now Ohio has the 20th LOWEST unemployment rate, well into the top half of states, a huge improvement.

More jobs; more manufacturing jobs..

The number of jobs bottomed out in December 2009, and since that time, Ohio has added 186,000 jobs.   Ohio has been losing jobs in manufacturing since the 1980's and early 1990's.  The number of manufacturing jobs bottomed out at the "trough" of the recession, in November 2009, and then it started back up.  48,000 new manufacturing jobs have been added in Ohio since that time.


  1. When Obama took office in January 2009, the unemployment rate in Ohio was 8.6% while the national average was still only 7.8%.

    In August 2012, the latest month for which state numbers are available, Ohio's unemployment rate is now 7.2%, several ticks lower than the national unemployment rate of 7.8%.

    1. In the meantime Romney/Ryan/Repubs are, disturbingly, convincing the voters of Ohio that the real issues are these supposed charges that President Obama's Father was in fact not Barack Obama, but some black American Communist, and that accusations that his Mother was photographed in some type of vintage (I like the touch of vintage. That's mine; makes it sound classy)bondage get-up. Ostensibly, a million DVDs with these scurrilous and boundless pieces of irrelevant tripe are now being circulated in Ohio in a last ditch attempt to defuse the very real fact that the courts have found the attempts at manipulating the absentee ballot system that had been in place in Ohio for years and years without any problems whatsoever. They also tried to convince both active service members and veterans(Such as myself) that the Democrats were somehow going to see to it that their votes were suppressed. Again, as a Viet Nam veteran, I find this particularly hateful and manipulative of those of us who signed a contract to give our lives for our country as he demonstrated in France, I might add, on four separate deferments, in favor of the war. One might think all this patriotic zeal would have lead to his enlistment in the Service, but, this of course was not the case. This man would lie, cheat, steal,manipulate, do virtually anything to further whatever course would lead him to wealth and power. Please, I beg of you, do not accept anything he says at face value. Research these things. Utilizing multiple sources. I am not afraid of the truth, because it will substantiate all I have said. I am not sure the origins of what I am about to close my reply with, but I believe it to be one of the most important things ever said by any member of the human race throughout history. "The Truth Will Set You Free"

    2. Well, let's hope that the voters of Ohio have more sense than to be swayed by vicious rumors on a DVD that have nothing to do with Ohio, Obama, or the U.S.

    3. Romney/Ryan are not convincing this Ohio voter with any of their pack of lies...and I intend on sharing these numbers with my Ohio friends that seem to be being duped by the Romney/Ryan team. This Ohioan is voting Obama!

    4. Thanks, Anonymous... Share away! Yep, many people are still struggling, but only an idiot would say that things are not getting better!


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