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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Job Growth by State for 2011: How Is Your State Doing?

States ranking by Percentage of  Job Growth in 2011 to Date (October)

Job Growth by State for 2011 HERE!

June Jobs Data by State will be Released Friday, July 20th.  Please check back for rankings! 

Below are the rankings of the fifty states based on percentage of job growth for the year 2011 through October.  Only one state, Georgia, experienced a decrease in jobs for the year to date.  The average job growth for the United States in 2011 to date is +1.11% 

I've included the party affiliation of the governors and legislatures of the various states.  See the legend after the data.
(Note:  These numbers are based on the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Reports.  The BLS reports include month over month and year over year numbers.  Data for my monthly reports is taken from that BLS report copied to a spreadsheet every month.  I will continue to add more reports on state data in the coming days.)
Rank State Governor... Legislature ..% +/- Jobs
1.North DakotaRR +4.34
14.Ohio RR+1.48
15.Massachusetts DD+1.42
16.West Virginia DD+1.32
17.Michigan RR+1.28
19.Florida RR+1.27
21.Illinois DD+1.15
21.Kentucky DM+1.15
23.New Mexico RD+1.14
24.Hawaii DD +1.12
25.OregonD M+1.11
26.Iowa RM +1.04
27.New YorkDM +0.93
27.Idaho RR+0.93
29.Alaska RM+0.91
30.Pennsylvania RR+0.90
31.Virginia RM+0.88
33.South Carolina RR+0.66
34.New Jersey RR+0.62
35.New Hampshire DR+0.61
35.Maryland DD+0.61
37.Connecticut D D+0.54
41.Maine RR+0.42
41.Alabama RR+0.42
43.Wisconsin RR+0.41
44.South Dakota RR+0.40
45.North CarolinaDR+0.37
46.Arkansas DD+0.24
46.Rhode Island ID+0.24
48.Delaware DD+0.05
49.Indiana RR+0.02
50.Georgia RR-0.62


  • R- Republican 
  • D- Democratic 
  • I-  Independent
  • M- Mixed
  • N- Non-partisan  

Is there any relationship between party in control of a state and the rate of job creation in that state?

Based on the rankings in this report, there does not appear to be any significant correlation between control of the state politically and job growth.  Six states in the top 10 are now completely controlled by Republicans, as are six states in the bottom 10.  21 states are now controlled completely by Republicans.  10 of those states are in the top half of the rankings, and 11 Republican states are in the bottom half.  11 states are now controlled completely by Democrats.  7 of those states are in the top half of the rankings, and 4 of those states are in the bottom half.

Many of the top ranking states are benefiting from a growth in mining, including the leader, North Dakota.  


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