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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jobs Numbers Month by Month 2011

The following numbers reflect jobs gained/lost through October 2011.  Please click the link above for up-to-date numbers. 

How many jobs have been gained (created) or lost month by month in 2011?

Month...... Total Jobs...... Jobs lost/gained
January 130,328 +68,000
February 130,563 +235,000
March 130,757 +194,000
April 130,974 +217,000
May 130,999 +25,000
June 131,047 +48,000
July 131,174 +127,000
August 131,278 +104,000
September 131,436 +158,000
October 131,516 +80,000

The numbers above represent the latest revisions, which often differ from the preliminary numbers announced by the BLS on the first Friday of a given month.

A total of 1,256,000 jobs have been created in 2011 to date, October 2011.  That is an average of 125,600 new jobs per month this year.

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