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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Terrifying Ordeal of Mitt Romney's Dog

Continuing the story of Mitt Romney's Dog on the Roof:  
A reader of the Dogs Against Romney blog created a video reenactment to make much more real the plight of Mitt Romney's dog Seamus and his 12 hour terrifying car ride on the roof of Romney's car.  Experience the noise and try to get a sense of the wind. 

Click the link to see what this trip might have been like from the dog's perspective. No wonder the dog ran away...... or.. something.  Catch the full story of Mitt Romney's dog Seamus HERE .  More Mitt Mutt news HERE.
And don't forget the Mutt Romney Blues sung by the great Ry Cooder. 

T-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, dog coats and bandanas all available at Dogs Against Romney.  See you there! 

Update 3/15/2012:

 Romney's Dog, Seamus, has made the front page again. 
 This time, the front page of the Washington Post.  (Our friends at Dogs Against Romney also got a mention.)

Is this an important story or just a distraction? 
You decide.  Read more HERE.   

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