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Friday, August 2, 2013

How Many Jobs Has Obama Created or Lost? (July 2013 update)

How many NET jobs created or lost under Obama as of July 2013?

How many private sector jobs have been lost or added during Obama's presidency?

How many new jobs in the last 4 years since Obama was inaugurated?  How many jobs has Obama created or lost since taking office?

How many Americans were working or employed when Obama took office... compared to now?

Answers to all of these questions below the links..

Since the "trough" of the recession in late 2009/early 2010 in seasonally adjusted numbers:
  • 6.7 million MORE jobs in total
  • 7.3 million MORE private sector jobs
  • 6.3 million MORE people working 

Since Bush left office & Obama took office (January 2009) in seasonally adjusted numbers:
  • 2.4 million MORE jobs in total
  • 3.1 million MORE private sector jobs
  • 2.1 million MORE people working

Have any private jobs been lost (net) over the past 41 months?
  • 41 months of consecutive private-sector job growth.

Have any jobs been lost (net) over the past 34 months?

  • 34 months of consecutive overall job growth.
Are more people unemployed now than when Obama took office in January 2009?  
  • Despite 1,566,000 MORE people in the labor force (either working or actively looking for work) now vs. January 2009, there are 926,000 FEWER people unemployed now than in January 2009. 

What's the difference between "net" and "gross" jobs gained and lost?

Let's get something straight:  Jobs are lost every week and every month.  People are fired, people are laid off, businesses or locations are closed and everybody is let go. 

Also people quit every week.  You yourself, dear reader,  may have quit a job at some point in time. 

But people are also HIRED every week and every month.  New businesses open, businesses expand, businesses replace people who have left or been fired.  Every week.  You yourself, dear reader, may have been hired for a job at some point in time.This happens in good times and bad. 

Yes, even in bad times, people are getting hired.  Even in good times, people are let go.  

Now:  The monthly jobs reportupon which this article is based, presents estimates based on surveys as to how many jobs are gained or lost in a given month.  Those numbers are based on the number of new jobs (people getting hired, businesses opening) MINUS the number of jobs that have been cut (people getting fired, people quitting, businesses closing or cutting back).

The monthly jobs report therefore reports NET job growth or loss.  

For 34 months in this country, we have had MORE jobs being added than we have had jobs being cut.  For 41 months in the private sector (not counting federal workers, state or local workers such as teachers, firemen, cops, or people who staff the DMV, only counting people who work for private businesses), we have had MORE jobs added than we have had jobs being cut.

All numbers provided on monthly jobs reports, which is what the series on jobs created/lost under Obama is based, are NET jobs numbers.  In other words, they reflect gains after all job losses are subtracted, or they reflect job losses after all gains are added. 
For the past 41 months (as of July 2013), we have had NET gains in private jobs numbers every month.  In other words, in every month since February 2010, more private jobs have been created than have been lost.  In every month since September 2010, more jobs in total have been created than have been lost.

Fact check and important information on these jobs numbers...

The above jobs numbers are from the BLS jobs report of July 2013, which was released in August 2013.  The surveys used to gather these numbers are taken as of the week which includes the 12th day of the month, in this case, July 12, 2013. 


  1. my problem with your math is: you are giving obama a free pass for his first 13-15 months in office. that time falls on him & should be included. when we judge pres bush, we look at all of his 96 months in office so, why should obama be judged any differently? obama didn't have a gun to his head when he sworn in---he volunteered himself & all jobs numbers should be reflective of his starting date---thank you.

    1. Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner.

      So.. you really thought that we would start adding jobs on day one? You thought that much of Obama?

      Look, we were looking into an abyss. The economy-- the world economy-- was in really bad shape. 600,000 people a week were being laid off back in late 2008 and early 2009. 600,000 a week. Those are seasonally adjusted numbers. In real numbers, we were losing 800,000 to 900,000 jobs a week in early January 2009. And hiring was down to nothing.

      Now there is no way that the economy can turn around on a dime. The hemorrhaging needs to stop first.

      I've written about this over and over. Start here:

      Burning Down the House: Blaming Obama and the Democrats

  2. Since Obama took office, the SBA will NOT lend to first time business owners! I had to go to an independent banker with a 9% interest for 7 years. My health insurance per month went from $400 per month to now $505 and still increasing. Take a look at each city in our country. See how many strip malls have empty spaces. How many a banded homes are there in each town or foreclosed. How many families have to share their home with extended families? Unless you speak personally with each US citizen, numbers can not be accurate. Not ever job loss has been reported for unemployment. For some people, it's almost impossible to get unemployment. I still can't afford to hire an employee after 3.5 years in business due to the crappy federal taxes. If you pay someone state min, its really like paying them DOUBLE after taxes. I can't imagine the amount of headache for the corporate and larger businesses. Job loss will increase, the value of the American dollar continues to decline, the cost of living will continue to skyrocket and people will lose their shirts due to the Obama Care laws. Being forced to have health insurance for every person is a load of crap. Most jobs on average don't support enough money for a family of 4 to buy health insurance. If Mr. Jones is the soul supporter in a family of 4 and makes only $35,000 annually and just the cost of heath insurance alone is $1500 per month, this is fair? Maybe if they lived under a bridge and had free food.

    1. paying double after taxes? wow! I have 14 employees working for me I pay them all about 9 to 10$ a hour after taxes state and fed it works out to about 10 to 12, 2$ max increase at max, fyi I too a first time business owner. it looks like you like most did not do your homework before opening a business and now what to blame someone for actions that only fall on your self. looking at your math you should not be running any business at all and wonder you cant get a loan less the 9%


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