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Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's Get Rid of Medicare: Zachary Won't Need It!

Ah, Zachary, the folly of youth!  Zachary explains why he doesn't need Social Security or Medicare:
"Getting rid of it seems like a perfect fix to me. I can take care of myself better than the government can, clearly. I mean look, all this money I am paying into Social Security and Medicare ... I would absolutely get MUCH more if I invested it myself. 
Some people are stupid, I understand that. If you don't trust yourself to prepare for your own future then by all means, give your money to the government and hope that they will take care of you.
But I'm not stupid, and I should have the CHOICE of investing my own money in my own future... it is called liberty! 

I took him on.  I started:  
Zachary, it is clear that you are young and don't understand what may yet befall you.

The rest of my reply is here:  Let's Get Rid of Medicare: Zachary Won't Need It!

I wrote the original of the article Let's Get Rid of Medicare; Zachary Won't Need It! back in 2012 during the Presidential primaries.  It was my response to people debating the future of our social safety net.  Perhaps it could be a response today to people who think that Gary Johnson and the Libertarians might have the answers they want.  

Let's be clear:  The Republicans STILL Want to Dismantle Medicare, Privatize Social Security, etc.

So I had to write a bit about why we still need the social safety net; why we can't elect Trump and other Republicans to shut these programs down.  (Updated September 26, 2016):
Cold Old People Found Here

The social safety net will certainly be at risk if Trump is elected and Republicans hold onto the Senate and the House.  The misery that this would bring to millions of people is hard to even fathom.. What is harder to fathom right now is that this election is so close. 

So, before you vote, think..

Think about what you want this country to be.  Think about your own future.  Think about the future of people you know and love. Think about the future of people you don't... but don't want to condemn to a "retirement" of misery and abject poverty.

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