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Monday, May 9, 2011

Alternate Unemployment Rate is 18.1% - April 2011

The seasonally-adjusted alternate unemployment rate is 18.1% for April 2011.

In seasonally-adjusted numbers, 18.1% of the American labor force were either "officially" unemployed, working part-time but wanting full-time work, or "wanted work" but hadn't looked for work in the past four weeks for a reason such as being discouraged or convinced there was no work for them.

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Here's how the numbers break down:
  • 13,747,000 officially unemployed in April 2011
  • 8,600,000 working part-time but wanting full-time work
  • 6,539,000 who "want work" but haven't actively looked in the past 4 weeks.
That adds up to 28,886,000 who are the "alternate" number of unemployed.

The total "alternate" work force now numbers 159,960,000 and includes those who are employed, those who are officially unemployed, and those who"want work".

The "alternate" work force of 159 million plus breaks down as follows:
  • 139,674,000 employed in April 2011.
  • 13,747,000 officially unemployed.
  • 6,539,000 who "want work"
28,886,000 out of 159,960,000 is 18.1%.

This number doesn't include people working temporary jobs, people who are working micro-businesses that may not make much money, nor does it include people who have returned to work for wages much less than what they received in their previous jobs.

The alternate unemployment rate non-seasonally adjusted is 17.7%.

In non-adjusted "real" numbers, we have 13,237,000 unemployed, 6,482, 000 who "want work", and 8,425,000 who are working part-time but want full-time work.  That's a total of 28,144,000 unemployed out of an "alternate" work force of 159,380,000 for a ratio of 17.7%.

This number is coming down, but it is coming down very, very slowly.  Too slowly to save many people from devastating financial chaos.

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