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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Dumbest Comments About Obama! A Contest!

Enter now!  

This contest is restricted (this time around) to comments found at Huffington Post.

Now, you can't enter your own dumb (and often abusive) comment.  You can only enter dumb comments that some (other) nit-wit has posted.  You can (unfortunately) only nominate comments that have not been deleted. 


The nit wit making the dumb comment gets a mention here.. not sure what that is worth.  And the person nominating the nit wit gets...  a mention here as well.  I'm still not sure what that is worth.  If you have a commercial venture or you need a job or you want to link to your website,  I will do that for you, as long as it is not some kind of porn site. 

Why am I doing this?  

Because I'm tired of the stupid trollish comments about Obama at Huffington Post (and other places).  If you are going to criticize the man, at least make some sense.  Otherwise keep those ranting typing fingers and thumbs quiet. 

So, again, here are the rules:

1.  You must be a registered poster at Huffington Post.
2.  You must find a post about Obama (specifically) that is particularly inane and/or stupid.
3.  You add a comment here on this post with all information...  the link to the stupid comment at Huffington Post, and your Huff Po name.
4.  You can enter as many stupid comments as you wish, but you can't write them.
5,.  I reserve the right to eliminate from contention anything that is simply too mean or abusive.  I'm looking for stupid comments that we can mock for their stupidity, nothing that is actually cruel.  And any comments about Michelle Obama are not allowed.
6.  I can also nominate stupid comments from dim wits.
7.  The contest ends at midnight US Central Daylight Time on June 30, 2011.  (I changed the ending date as I want more nominations.)
8.  I reserve the right to cancel the whole contest if it goes completely off the rails.

Let the stupidity begin! 


  1. In response to the thread about Trump dumping out of the race:

    67 Fans
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    2 hours ago (6:08 PM)
    Well, one down Mr. President and another 24.999999 million heads of household that could do better than you have been doing."

  2. Oh, Molly, this is a wonderful idea! Now I'll be watching my fellow commenters at HuffPooPoo with BOTH eyes!

  3. Hey, PoliticalCat.. where's your nomination for today?

    I found another one.. I couldn't figure out what it meant.

    From Gene Bluder in an article about Rahm Emmanuel's first steps as mayor:

    “If only the Bamster would now follow the lead of his former chief of staff.
    Don't however hold your breath. Mooochie may need another "hand maoden".”

    To be honest, I don't know who Moochie is.

  4. Good morning!

    Here's another comment that is not only dumb but full of inaccuracies:

    "tangledweb" claims huge private sector job losses since O took office and huge government gains since O took office. The BLS numbers show the opposite, which I detailed in my reply to him/her, and which I will post in a separate blog entry later today.

    " Well, we gained 450,000 government jobs and lost 1 million private sector jobs. The middle class which Obama PROMISED to protect is facing job loss, equity loss, higher food prices, higher property tax, added taxes etc etc etc. The stimulus did nothing but stimulate the growth of government and depress everything else. We lost engergy jobs, healthcare jobs, and tech jobs. Thank you Obama.

    Thi sis directly the result of Obama and Democratic congresses actions. time for them to let someone else drive the bus."

    Well, let's make sure that we don't let this guy drive the bus, because we have no idea what these trolls and baggers drink in the morning. Oh, that's right; must be right-wing Koolaid.

  5. From NOV 2012

    "Obama's legacy....­.the permanentl­y unemployed­. This is what liberalism does, kill business."

    Not a particularly funny comment, but just very typical of right-wing bagger thinking.

  6. "Last time I am going to pose this question on this thread, but I would love to have an answer. Please can anyone tell me the last time a SITTING president campaigned­? If so, who?

    I pose this question because campaignin­g seems to be BHO's career. I also wonder how better this country could use the 1 billion dollars he is trying to raise."

    This person posted this several times.

    Here's the link:

    <a href="> Huffington post link </a>

  7. I love your contest, Molly. There are just so many dumb comments to choose from. Here's one I just saw:

    "with Obama we all loose, he wants America to be like all the other countries"

  8. You are missing the really outrageous ones because you are limiting them to Huff Post.

    I guarantee the comments at Politico will leave you speechless.

  9. I'm sure. Right now, just Huff Po because I know that forum better. But I'm not averse to running a contest about Politico posts (or perhaps dumb posts found anywhere) in June or July.

    Thanks for the contribution!

  10. A new nomination!

    From CVChubbs in a thread about unemployment extensions in North Carolina:

    "The woman should already be humiliated for asking for more handouts. Obama should be humiliated for letting this happen to this once great nation."



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