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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead! Monday Morning

It's Monday Morning and Osama Bin Laden is still dead!

1.  Osama Bin Laden is Dead!
2.  Osama Bin Laden is Still Dead!
3.  Firefighters celebrate death of Osama Bin Laden.

Monday Morning Updates and Great Reads:

Great Weekend!

Obama Takes out Osama and Dumps Trump
CONTRARY TO FOX NEWS OPINION WE HAVE GOT OURSELVES ONE HELL OF A PRESIDENT.In two days and nights Obama has changed the political climate from poisonous to joyous!    The man is on a roll!!
First in a” night of the long knives of racial justice” he, as a black man and as an American… took down the racist asswipe Donald Trump with a blistering five minutes of put downs at the correspondents dinner in Washington. If Trump had any real hair it would’ve stood up on end!!"
From Greytdog on Twitter:
Dear GOP: Pres. Obama's team killed Osama Bin Laden. Your team wants to deny 9/11 First responders health care. Who's the patriot?
From DavidCornDC via Twitter:
This would be a really good week to demand Obama's college records and to question his academic abilities. 
Hah!  Good one!

From Huffington Post:

Inside and around the Abbotabad mansion.

From Yahoo News:

Taliban Threatens Attacks  

From CBS:

Osama's remains buried at sea, apparently Saudi Arabia didn't want them.

From the guy in Pakistan who tweeted the whole thing without knowing what was going on:

A Helicopter is Down!

And, from the Washington Post, a biography of Osama Bin Laden.

His father apparently divorced his mother (the father had many wives) when Bin Laden was very young.  The mother was remarried to a man who worked in the Bin Laden company, and Osama Bin Laden spent his formative years with his mother and her stepfamily.  As Muslim men often have plural wives, I wonder why the dad divorced this wife?    

While you are here:

Who Is Crushing the Human Spirit? 

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